5 Interior Design Styles

Your home is one of your most treasured spaces. Those four walls hold countless memories, special moments and lasting joy that you and your family create. When it comes to decorating and designing the essence of your home, it truly is a representation of who you are and the looks you love. But, where do you even begin? Understanding different types of home design will let you work with Denver interior designers to create your home’s dream character.

1. Mid-Century Modern

This style is set apart by sculpted lines, organic shapes and subtle silhouettes. You’ll most likely use plywood, aluminum and molded plastic if you’re drawn to this style. With this focus, it’s best to combine other styles of decorating to keep the look fresh and up to date.

2. Industrial

Think of living in a warehouse or old factory with an industrial-style home. You’ll see exposed brick and steel with distressed wood. Since the emphasis is on natural finishes, you’ll also accent with copper tone pieces. This style offers a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want the style to feel. You can opt for a darker look or an airier impression based on your color choices and how much light you let into the space.

3. Nautical

If you love the beach and never want to leave, you can transform your home into a beach-themed paradise with a nautical approach. The color scheme is based around white or sand colors and accented in the blue family. In terms of material, you’ll want to use unfinished wood combined with sophisticated upholstery. You can bring the beach to life even more with seashells, anchors and sailboat decorations.

4. Scandinavian

If you love a clean feeling, this style may be for you because the base colors build off of white and gray. To bounce off of the simple scheme, you can accent using brighter colors and different textures of material. Look to have proportionate furniture and decorations that build off of fluid lines for a Scandinavian style.

5. Bohemian

If you love vibrant colors and a carefree look, Bohemian is for you. You should look for bold pieces with striking patterns, textures and colors. Your space can have a lot of items that all work together to establish a “messy” look that all vibes and is unified.

Spending so much time at home, shouldn’t you love the space you’re in? Whether you’re looking to update where you live now or are moving somewhere totally new, understanding different design styles will let you experiment and create an absolutely perfect pad.

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