Interesting facts about the drinks industry

I bet you never realised just how interesting the drinks industry can be? From what began as a restricted choice of soft drinks including orange juice and maybe a soda, there is now a wealth of beverages and a huge industry of soft drinks to tempt the palate. Here are some fascinating facts about the drinks industry:

  • Coca-Cola had always been America’s favourite soft drink but in 2013, water overtook that position for the first time. A true sign that consumers are thinking about making healthier choices!

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  • Apparently when Pope Clement VII was asked to ban coffee as sinful, he tried it and proclaimed that it was so delicious that it would be a sin for only non-believers to enjoy it.
  • In Iceland, you couldn’t get a beer legally until 1989. The nation banned all alcohol in 1915 and only unbanned it in 1935 but beer had to wait until 1989. The 1st March 1989 is now national Beer Day in Iceland!
  • Cola takes its name from the kola nut, a fruit containing caffeine from the kola tree. Of course, now the soft drink is available in a caffeine-free variety.
  • Chocolate was, for 3,000 years consumed as a drink until a solid variety was created by Joseph Fry in 1847. If you need software to help manage your drinks warehouse, consider Bonded Warehouse Software from
  • Did you know that the term ‘soft drink’ applies to any beverage that doesn’t contain alcohol? However, almost all such drinks contain tiny amounts of alcohol due to the fermentation of the sugars.
  • Enjoy 7Up? Did you know that it started life with the less catchy name of ‘Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda’? It was originally a hangover cure when released in 1929.

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