How to Protect Your Ram 1500

How to Protect Your Ram 1500

When you’ve invested in one of the top pickup trucks in its classes, you want to protect your investment and get as many miles as you can out of your vehicle. The Dodge Ram 1500 is a popular choice among pickup trucks for its nicely appointed cabin and smooth ride. Two rows of seats can comfortably fit five adults, while higher-end trims and finishes make the ride comfortable. Follow this guide of accessories including the best indoor and outdoor car covers to keep your truck’s exterior protected and make sure your passengers are comfortable.

Guard Against the Elements With a Cab Cover

Whether you store your Ram 1500 inside or outside, pickup truck cab covers create a shield against damage. The best indoor and outdoor car covers protect your vehicle against minor scrapes and dings, as well as UV rays and moisture.

Here are some of the top cab covers made from these fabrics for outdoor storage:

  • Sunbrella Sun-Blocking Fabric: This option is best if your driveway gets a lot of sun. Prolonged sun exposure can damage your truck’s paint job, causing it to fade or discolor. UV rays can also cause interior damage, including warping or cracking on the dashboard. The high-tech Sunbrella fabric is specially developed to keep UV rays at bay.
  • Superweave Weather-Resistant Fabric: For truck owners who live in rainy locations, look for a cab cover fabric that’s waterproof or water-resistant. The material used for this cover is effective at repelling water, and is heavy enough to withstand stormy weather. Moisture can cause all kinds of damage to your vehicle, including rust and corrosion on the exterior. This cover prevents that type of damage by blocking out water while remaining breathable, meaning condensation won’t build up between the cover and the cab.

If you store your Ram 1500 indoors, consider these options:

  • Cotton Flannel: Keeping your truck in a garage is a great way to protect it from sun and water damage. But damage can still happen while a vehicle is in storage, with hazards including scrapes and dings from brushing past the vehicle or dropping something from a shelf. A cotton flannel cab cover guards against abrasions, preserving your paint job and exterior finish. The fabric is also breathable, allowing any moisture that does get under the cover to evaporate.
  • Synthetic Flannel: If you’re looking for a little more dust protection at a lower weight, opt for a synthetic fabric that’s as soft as flannel. Custom cab cover makers offer a range of covers in synthetic materials that combine the softness of cotton with the protection of a tighter weave.

Keep Seats Pristine With Covers

A cozy interior is one of the Ram 1500’s best features. When your crew has been out working or playing, you’ll want to protect the truck’s seat from moisture, dirt or mud. Try custom fit seat covers in your cab to provide the temporary barrier you need. Available in a range of soft fabrics, covers slip over the seat and headrest to stay firmly in place. They guard against stains and dust buildup, and usually are machine washable.

Taking the time to cover your truck’s cab and seats can add years to the life of its interior and exterior. Turn to a trusted manufacturer of truck accessories for the best indoor and outdoor car covers.


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