How to move products in your storeroom?

If you operate a product-based business you probably have a warehouse or storeroom that keeps all your products safe. When you carry out stock takes or replenish the storeroom your staff will need to move items around. It is important that they do this safely, both for the safety of the products and the safety of your employees.

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There are a number of ways that you can do this effectively.

Equipment – if you have a large number of products to move you might want to invest in such as Pallet Trucks from places like as well as sack trucks. These help you to move more items at once and do this safely. It can help to prevent your staff from carrying items that are too heavy for them.

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Planning – if you are looking for ways to move products for a stock take it is worth planning this in advance. You can clear an area of the stock room to move items to as you count them and then place them back on their shelves afterwards.

Manual Handling – if you have to carry heavy boxes or awkward items you should ensure that your staff have the right training to help protect their backs and prevent injuries from occurring. You should make sure to walk your staff through this training before any long periods of manual work that they need to undertake.

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