How to get gum out of hair

How to get gum out of hair

Who has not had a piece of gum stuck in their hair due to an oversight or because they have been the victim of some malice? Well, although this fact is more common to happen in primary school, in the same way, it never hurts to know some tricks to solve such a problem in case it happens to us. According to the site In perfectas, there are some home remedies that are effective to achieve good results without having to cut your hair.

Cooking oilHow to get gum out of hair

The easiest and most effective remedy is to simply cut the strand of hair, but if that is not what you want, the simplest option is cooking oil. To remove the gum from the hair, take the lock of hair and add enough cooking oil at normal temperature, which will lubricate and isolate the area. With the help of a fine toothbrush, you can slowly peel off the gum until it is completely removed.

Peanut butter

The third home remedy is to spread peanut butter on the lock of hair that has the gum stuck to it. This technique is effective since peanut butter has a lot of oil and works under the same rules as cooking oil.

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IceHow to get gum out of hair

Another home remedy that can also be used to remove chewing gum from your hair is to use ice cubes. The technique is to freeze the gum, and when it is hard from the cold, you will be able to remove it piece by piece. However, this option is not as fast and is believed to be less efficient than oil.

Silicone drops

The first thing you should do is apply drops of silicone to the area and rub it in. Then you have to let them rest for a minute. Finally, you comb and remove the gum. Obviously, you finish this procedure by washing your hair.


Finally, another homemade solution to remove chewing gum is to use alcohol, to remove it little by little. Of all the home remedies, this is the least recommended, since it is not very efficient and dries the hair a lot.


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