How to clean the Bong?

There is nothing worse than having a dirty bong to ruin the taste of inhaled smoke, but fortunately cleaning it is not as difficult as many might think.

For this reason, we have decided to explain some simple cleaning methods that will help you to better taste what you smoke.

First, disassemble the glass bong: in doing so, you can clean every single piece without any problems, removing any removable components, including an ampoule and mouthpiece in case it is present.

Next, rinse the bong and leave it to dry; if possible, use hot water at the highest temperature you can handle.

At this point you can use some Epsom salt or cooking salt to put in the ampoule and in the mouthpiece, maybe helping you with a funnel.

The amount should be like the size of the bong and, usually, should be about 70-100 grams; also perfect baking soda.

Continue cleaning by adding your detergent solution in reasonable quantities, even if it all depends on the size of your bong: 120 milliliter could be a good starting point, but you have to proceed by trial to know what the right dose is.

What products are used to clean the bong?

Some people use alcohol or other products to clean the house to clean up bongs, some still have natural products like vinegar and some even mouthwashes.

At this point, all you have to do is shake your bong, closing every possible exit with your fingers to prevent the contents from coming out.

The practice will last about five minutes and more agitated as your accessory will be cleaned to perfection. Now rinse and repeat the procedure for as many times as you need, even if in most cases about two shakers are enough.

You can also take advantage of special cleaning tools if necessary, such as pipe cleaners, tools of various types and cotton buds.

In this part of the article we tried to explain how to clean the main section of your bong and how you have certainly seen it is not complicated at all.

How to clean the most difficult areas of your Bong?

Now, we will take care of how to clean the most difficult areas, but even in this circumstance we are sure that you will not find too many problems.

First, take a hanger, fold it in half and turn it around so it is more resistant.

Take some paper napkins, fold them in half and roll them on the clothes hanger you have changed, fixing them with rubber bands so that they do not come out during the cleaning phase.

At this point try to give a J shape to your do-it-yourself article, dip the napkins in isopropyl alcohol or in any other solution you prefer.

Now all you have to do is clean all the difficult areas that need it, rubbing the end of the hook you created on the bong walls; try to adjust the angle of the hook as much as possible in order to easily reach the most complicated corners and cracks.

To clean your bong at best you could also use bottle cleaners or cotton swabs, perfect to remove even the resin.

Before concluding this article, we wanted to warn you about what you should not use during cleaning …

  • First of all, avoid dish soap: most likely, the smell of detergent used will impregnate the smoke for at least a month
  • Beware of flammable detergents: as they may catch fire if you are smoking
  • Denatured alcohol: if you decide to use this product to clean your bong, you will need to make sure you are in a well-ventilated area

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