How to Clean Canvas Shoes

How to Clean Canvas Shoes?

Cleaning canvas shoes are very simple and even more so wearing them the same as the first day. The ease for children to get dirty and rub against them is also very simple, but from now on that will not be a problem because with these tricks they will take them as new.

Most children will have already released their canvas shoes because they are the best shoes to start spring, go to school, and play in the park as soon as they are on vacation. For them, they are their favorite footwear, and now it will be for you too when you discover how to clean canvas shoes.

Take note of these tips and tricks, always have them at hand, and do not hesitate to choose canvas shoes for children this summer season.

They are practical, versatile, comfortable and for children, they are the best footwear to finish school and to play in the summer, although it must also be recognized that it is footwear that gets dirty easily. After taking them to school and playing in the park, ending the day with canvas shoes without a stain and with the soles without a rub is an impossible mission for children, even for us, but we will always have these tricks to hand to clean the shoes. canvas shoes and they are like new again.

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How to clean canvas shoes?How to Clean Canvas Shoes

Before seeing the tricks to clean canvas shoes, we remind you that canvas shoes can be washed in the washing machine, but it is better to avoid it especially when they have leather linings or the soles are glued since many types of glue are not ready to go through the washing machine. It is best to follow these tricks, although if you ever wash them in the washing machine, remember to put them in a cloth laundry bag and on a short, cold water program so that they do not shrink.

First of all, if the shoes have laces, we will remove them and clean them separately with handwashing soap. And before starting to wash the shoes, we will shake them to remove the dirt from the soles, and with a soft bristle brush, we will brush the cotton to remove the dust on top.

With the same brush and with a mixture of water, neutral soap, and bicarbonate, we will gently rub all over the shoe, insisting more on the areas where there are stains.

To remove soap residue from the shoes, we will wipe the entire shoe with a damp cloth until no soap or dirt remains.

Before letting them dry, introduce a little paper inside each shoe so that it absorbs moisture and does not deform the shoe above all, it is important to let them dry in a place where it does not get direct sunlight since that causes the soles of the shoes become yellowish and stains appear again when they dry.

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Tips for cleaning canvas shoes and solesHow to Clean Canvas Shoes

A trick for canvas shoes in light colors such as white, pink or beige, is to make a mixture with baking soda and vinegar, apply it on the shoe with the toothbrush and remove the soap residues with a damp cloth or rinse them under the faucet. To let them dry, we must follow the same procedure as above, without forgetting that we must not let them give direct sunlight.

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Another trick that we must take into account to clean canvas shoes, but this time the soles that get dirty so easily, is to use toothpaste. With the same toothbrush or with a sponge, we will rub the sole with the paste and with the same foam that is produced, the stains will disappear. To remove the remaining paste and foam, wipe the sole with a damp cloth and let them dry.

A trick also for the soles, for the problem of yellowish soles, is to apply a little vinegar on the sole, after having cleaned them with toothpaste and especially what we always remember, avoid direct contact with the sun because that is what produces this affect the most.


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