Protective Film During A Renovation

Four Benefits of Using Protective Film During A Renovation

If you are planning a renovation, you know your home is going to be full of paint, debris and equipment. The last thing you want to deal with is a damaged counter or stained carpet. This is why it is important to invest in protective coverings for your home.

Here are four benefits of using protective films during your renovation.

Designed For Different Surfaces

You can use protective film to cover a variety of surfaces. The film can be used to cover your wall, door, staircase, carpet or another flooring. There are even protective films designed for windows and panes. If you need to protect more than just your interior, you can find protective film for your appliances, counter, shower or bathtub. This allows you to protect every aspect of your home from stains or damage during your renovation.

Different Types of Film

There are different types of protective films to use for specific surfaces. One example is the Easy Mask Hard Surface Film, which can be used for your appliances, bathtub, shower or hard floor. The Easy Mask Protective Counter Top Film is perfect for your kitchen counters, and the Protective Window Film is designed for windows and panes. If you are renovating a space with carpet, you can protect your carpet with the Easy Mask Protective Carpet Film.

Protects Surfaces From Damage

Dust, debris, sand and dripped paint are not uncommon during a renovation. You can move your furniture and valuables out of the way, but you cannot move your counter, walls, carpet or tile floor. This is why protective film is so popular among contractors and homeowners. It covers the item or surface to ensure it is not damaged by paint, debris or scratches. The best part is the protective film does not damage the surface during the application or removal.

Provides A Safe Option

Using a protective film is a safer option than a tarp or blanket. The tarp or blanket can easily move from under your feet and cause a fall. You may tack the tarp or blanket down, but it can still come unattached as you walk across it. Protective films feature a non-skid layer to prevent sliding or falling, and the films are bonded to the surface until you remove them. This means you do not have to worry about an accident as you are walking or working. A protective film designed for windows keeps glass from shattering and causing an injury during the renovation.

Are you looking to protect your home during your renovation? Trimaco offers a variety of high-quality protective films. You can also find flooring paper, drop cloths, masking tapes and other protective gear for your renovation.

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