Famous Stuntmen and women of the movies

Many of the most thrilling and iconic moments of cinema history have been provided by the brave stunts performed by stuntmen and women. They risk life and limb to pull off realistic car chases, crashes, falls and fights – all in a day’s work. They often go unknown and uncredited but have given so much to the world of movies. Here are some of the greatest of all time:

Sir Eddie Kidd

Such was Eddie Kidd’s contribution to the industry that he was knighted in 2012. He is the proud owner of several world records for motorcycle jumps. One of his most famous stunts involving a motorbike took place in the film Hanover Street in 1979, when he doubled for Harrison Ford. He jumped an astonishing 120 feet railway cutting at 90 miles per hour. He also provided breath taking stunts in several James Bond movies, including The Living Daylights and Golden Eye. Sadly, Eddie Kidd was injured and paralysed in a motorcycle accident in 1996. A reminder that this is a dangerous occupation. Stuntmen and women are used to working alongside Event Medical Cover teams who provide medical support out on location. If you need event medical support, contact https://outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover

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Hal Needham

Quentin Tarantino once presented Hal Needham with a lifetime achievement award in 2012 and spent over 20 minutes talking about his amazing accomplishments!  Hal Needham’s career began in the fifties working on Westerns shown on TV. He graduated to movies in the sixties and doubled for Burt Reynolds on several occasions. He was also involved in setting several land speed records, helping to develop the Budweiser Rocket.

Michelle Yeoh

Performing all of her own stunts in Tomorrow Never Dies, Michelle Yeoh is one of the best stuntwomen in Hollywood. She has also worked with Jackie Chan several times, who states that she is the only one he trusts to help plan his stunts on set.

Colin Follenweider

This stuntman has had a prolific career so far, performing stunts in top movies such as The Terminator, Die Hard, James Bond, Avatar, X-Men, Spiderman, Dr Strange, Transformers and Iron Man – to name just a few. He is a martial arts expert who has doubled for actors including Shia LeBeouf, Daniel Craig and Bruce Willis.

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Jackie Chan

A household name and world-renowned stuntman and coordinator, Jackie Chan plans and performs all of his own stunts on set. He has some mind-blowing talent, engaging in martial arts, parkour, jumps and fight sequences. The fact that he has never received serious injury during his long career is a testament to his skill and knowledge when planning and plotting out action sequences.

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