Essential features of successful mobile web design

The majority of web users now access online information from handheld devices, with mobile phones the most popular.

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Whether shopping, dating or looking for a tradesperson, users need a website that functions well on a mobile device. If they don’t like what they see, they will simply click away and the sale will be lost.

Businesses are wising up to the need to make their websites mobile friendly. From the early design stages, the mobile version of websites must be optimised. It is possible to opt for a separate design for the mobile site, but many business owners prefer to have a responsive design that works for all devices. This type of design will adapt to whatever screen size it is displayed on.

You can achieve a website that works well on mobile devices and keeps your customers happy and ready to buy by working with a Cardiff website designer such as Let’s look at the most essential features of mobile web design:

1. Flexible image sizes

According to Search Engine Journal, more than half of adults now make purchases on smartphones, which obviously have a much smaller screen than a PC. There must therefore be the option of zooming or enlarging images of products or the user will simply give up.

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2. Clear contact information

You have to give visitors a clearly visible method of contacting you. On a mobile, this requires directly clickable contact information. Popular options are emails and a live chat facility, but the most important thing is that potential clients can access this feature with minimum fuss.

3. Text that is easy to read

Staring at a phone screen for hours is not easy on the eyes and can lead to eye strain. Some websites are more gentle on the eyes than others. You can help by ensuring that the text is large enough to read without having to peer closely at the screen. Dark text on a light background works best.

4. Integrate with social media

Social media is integral to the online experience. Your mobile site must have social media buttons that are both easy to find and legible.

5. Optimum loading speeds

Mobile sites must be fast. If it takes longer than three seconds for a user to see the page, they will leave and go elsewhere.


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