Essential Baby Nursery Furniture Checklist

For a lot of people, getting a nursery just right is near the top of the list of important things to do for a new child. Not only do all the essentials need to be in the nursery, but quality needs to be there as well. Whether it’s Milly & Henry Baby Hampers, or just the right amount of storage for all the odds and ends, there’s a lot of time involved to get it just right.

This is an essential baby nursery furniture checklist for everyone to count on when starting out. Getting a few items will ensure that it’s perfect in every way. It will ultimately come down to the space and setup for each family overall, but these essentials are usually considered the bare minimum.

Sleeping essentials


Every baby needs a crib that is strong and dependable to sleep in every night. Don’t skimp on the crib, or there are going to be a lot of sleepless nights for parents.

Mattress and mattress pads

Babies need a firm and flat mattress that fits the crib just right. Make sure to put in a mattress pad that makes it easy to clean when the time comes.


Have a set of at least three crib sheets to make maintenance easy. They are usually swiped out a lot more frequently than grown-up sheets, so keep that in mind.

Feeding essentials


There needs to be a rocking or armchair available for feeding time. This is going to make it easier to feel comfortable in the room.


Again, this comes in handy when the parents are inside the room. Having some type of light source that can change its brightness level is also a pretty interesting and outstanding thing to have.


A nightlight ensures that the area is not entirely dark all the time. This is good for going into the area and accessing the child without having to turn on any bright lights.

Diaper essentials

 Changing table

There needs to be some type of table available to change the baby inside the nursery. This is just going to make life a lot easier for parents, so they don’t have to run around.

Diaper pail

This is where all of the soiled diapers go for secure storage. This also ensures that the rest of the area does not smell bad at all, despite what’s inside.


Having a place to throw dirty laundry quickly in the nursery is very much essential for a lot of parents out there. Milly & Henry Baby Hampers are one of the most popular choices currently on the market.

Storage essentials


Dressers are going to organize all the clothes that the child has. It’s very easy to just have this inside the nursery, instead of a separate room.


Reading is usually one of the most relaxing activities a person can do with a baby. Make sure to have a few books on the bookshelf available for some easy access.

Toy storage

Keep a few of the most loved toys in the room for easy access. This is going to make life a lot easier for parents who don’t have to jump into another room to get the toys when they are trying to play.

Playing essentials

Mobile Crib

Some parents will love having a mobile crib, while others want to stay away. It really depends on the child, and what they will be able to handle inside the home.


A baby swing or bouncer is a cool way to burn off energy and have some fun. Having it inside the nursery makes it easy to leave setup if necessary. It can be a hassle tearing it down and putting it up constantly.

Rug or Mat

It’s not a good idea to have a nursery that is made of entirely hardwood floors. Make sure to install either a rug or play mat so that there is an opportunity to play around without the risk of an injury.

Safety Essentials

Baby monitor

Having a baby monitor these days is pretty much a necessity. The only way it might not matter is if a family lives in a tiny apartment. Otherwise, having video available to check up on the baby and be alerted if anything wrong happens is a really good idea. It saves a lot of trouble in the end.

Bluetooth Speakers

Parents can use Bluetooth speakers for a variety of reasons. Some people will use this as a security feature, while others will simply play a sound that helps the baby sleep. It’s all a matter of what type of setup the nursery has, and just how loud it is in general.

Customizing a Nursery

Ultimately, people want to have a customized nursery as much as possible to allow their child to enjoy it. It’s a labor of love, but worth it to so many parents in the end.

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