Wagner Moura net worth and biography

Wagner Moura net worth, career, lifestyle and biography

Wagner Moura (June 27, 1976) is one of the most important exponents of film and television in Brazil, not only for having collaborated in national projects but also for having gained international recognition for his work. He also works as a vocalist, journalist, and composer. Today we bring you the interesting Wagner Moura net worth and bio.

Wagner Moura net worth and biography

Wagner Moura net worth and biography

Wagner Maniçoba Moura was born in Bahia, Brazil, where he grew up and lived most of his life. He is better known in his home country as Roberto Nascimiento, thanks to the two “Elite Troop” films, where he was acclaimed and recognized as one of the most versatile actors in Rio’s cinema. According to research and reports, Wagner Moura net worth is about 10 million dollars. Keep reading: Alfonso Ribeiro Net Worth, Works, Career and Bio

During several years of his life, he played roles on the television of his country as a supporting actor and collaborated in such novels as: “Tropical Paradise,” “Fragile Sex,” and “Heavy Load.” But it was in 2007 when Wagner Moura got his great role as the main character in the film “Elite Troop.”

This great opportunity was the one that considerably catapulted the actor’s talent, earning him an important place in the national film industry.

After having played other supporting roles in Brazilian cinema, Moura sought challenges beyond her borders. By 2013, he shared the screen with high-level actors such as Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in the film “Elysium. “

However, the great moment for the Brazilian would come in 2015, when he was chosen to play one of the most controversial characters in all of Colombia, Pablo Escobar.

This role belongs to the famous Netflix series “Narcos” and represented a great challenge for the actor due to the language barriers he had to overcome, having as his main language Portuguese. It was at that moment where the name of Wagner Moura began to be recognized throughout Latin America. Find out why Movie4k shut down?

Wagner Moura in Narcos

Moura has been a fairly versatile actor throughout his career. However, the role of Pablo Escobar for the series “Narcos” has been a challenge that, without a doubt, changed his personal and professional life.

The actor moved with his family to Colombia five months before starting the filming of the project. He quickly settled in Medellín, where he would learn the language and accent that were necessary to bring Pablo Escobar to life.

While there, Wagner Moura underwent a great change. Mainly he had to study and learn the way of being of this famous character, and he even had to gain bodyweight for the role.

At the end of filming, the actor confessed that Escobar’s character brought him problems in real life because he adopted the Colombian drug trafficker’s way of being. This was a significant consequence, as it brought a lot of darkness to his family and professional environment.

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