Ensuring that Warehouse Staff are Correctly Trained – An Important Part of an Efficient Warehouse

Running a warehouse can be stressful – this is particularly the case art this time of year. With Christmas looming, warehouses and supply chains come under a lot more pressure to deliver and will have a much higher workload to manage too.

There are lots of things that can help with this – from using the right machinery, to software like this bonded warehouse management from Gaina, to making sure that the warehouse is well organised. But what is particularly crucial is the staff.

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Staff working in a warehouse should all be well trained. Health and safety are paramount, and in a busy warehouse there is the potential for accidents to happen, and injuries to be sustained, so the most important thing that staff should be well trained in are the correct health and safety procedures – from operating machinery to personal protective equipment, this should be the most important thing.

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As well as safety training, teamwork is important. Knowing where they each fit in as part of a bigger team is an integral part of training, particularly in a warehouse environment where teamwork is crucial to the smooth running of the operation. Team building activities and exercises are great for this and help when getting people to work well together and have a good working relationship.

Understanding of the job role that they are required to do is something else that should be covered. As well as this it will help when it comes to working as part of a team and understanding how their role is important to the wider operation.

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