Safely loading a vehicle onto a trailer

Loading a vehicle onto any type of trailer requires care and safety. There are some important things to be aware of so the process goes smoothly and safely. The weight of a vehicle can easily unbalance the trailer so here are some tips:

Get prepared – Firstly, you’ll need to know the weight of the vehicle and ensure that it does not exceed the trailer’s or the tow vehicle’s capacity. The vehicle being transported should also not exceed the size of the trailer. For low vehicles, consider the ground clearance required when loading and unloading. Check the floor of the trailer and ensure that there are no weak parts where the weight of the vehicle might cause it to fall through.

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Securing – Once the vehicle is on the trailer, it needs to be secured tightly. Ensure that the straps are not damaged or frayed and are in good working condition. For help with Trailer Parts, go to Auto and Trailer, a supplier of Trailer Parts.

Loading – During the loading, it’s essential that the weight is distributed evenly and that movement of the trailer is kept to a minimum. The trailer should already be attached to the tow vehicle and both should have their brakes applied. The bulk of the weight should sit as far forward on the trailer as possible. Aim for 60% at the front and 40% at the rear.

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Securing whilst driving – Even the smallest of movement can cause major swaying making the trailer unbalanced and in extreme cases, could detach the trailer completely. To ensure the vehicle is firmly in position, consider using wheel chocks and/or ratchet straps.

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