Do you want to promote and sell your artistic work around the world?

An emerging artist has to work hard to make himself known and appreciated by the general public, he must be original and at the same time be able to sell his talent, so let’s see how to promote and sell a work of art around the world.

MOOD The Art of Today is proposed to the public as the largest platform for the artist. We offers a high degree of customization of all the works to be reproduced and take care to help emerging artists to promote and sell an artwork around the world.

We want to be a world reference point for high quality artwork, making it possible for everyone to promote their art online by presenting themselves and their artistic masterpiece.

We know how hard it is for an emerging artist to reach the public with the sale of his paintings, and it becomes even harder to see the first earnings. Many art galleries and auction houses for example, in order not to miss shooting, rely on the works of already known artists to have a sure benefit.

Promoting and selling your work offline with traditional art marketing has become practically complicated and certainly very expensive. First of all, you need to contract a traditional press office where you can rely on real communication professionals to build and nurture an artist’s reputation, but apparently, especially at the beginning of an artist’s career, it is difficult to bear such a great burden.

How we help to promote and sell artwork around the world?

MOOD The Art of Today want to help all emerging artists who decide to entrust us with their paintings and also to promote and sell artworks around the world.

The first suggestion we offer is precisely to share your artwork with us and we analyze with our professional experience to help the artist to make the best of artwork, highlighting every detail. After that we will help to promote and sell a work of art continues because we offer each artist a space dedicated to artist’s own page of our website where to publish the most relevant information such as name, biography and where to insert photos with descriptions of all the artworks. We offer OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS and each page of the Artists Gallery will be characterized by a personalized link so that you can share the same page on other websites, social profiles, via email and what the digital world still offers.

We can define without any doubt that MOOD The Art of Today is not only offer promotion and sales around the world where to present your works of art with a high degree of customization, but at the same time, we helps each artist to create and manage a digital artist 2.0 office in complete autonomy. Our support service will always be available to offer useful advice for your artworks and publish your works of art on our website.

A very important aspect of the support that we at offer to promote your art work is our Blog, a space full of themed content where we usually emphasize the latest artistic trends and the most interested proposals for artistic works that we are asked for.

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