cut the costs of driving a van

How to cut the costs of driving a van

The cost of driving and maintaining a van for business can be high, especially when factoring in upkeep, running costs and large insurance bills.

cut the costs of driving a van

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Here are some ways to cut the costs of driving a van.

Find affordable business van insurance

You could reduce the financial burden of insuring your work van considerably by searching for a more affordable deal with another provider. There are some straightforward and simple ways to find more cost-effective insurance:

•       Search the internet for van insurance deals

There are often some great deals for business van insurance online, with a number of providers to pick from. There is a range of different policies and plans available to suit the different needs of your business and budget.

•       Compare providers

Be sure to compare a number of van insurance policies and quotes before making any commitment so you can ensure you are getting a good deal on the price of your cover.

cut the costs of driving a van

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•       Don’t drop your level of protection

Look for a better deal rather than decrease your current level of protection. Obtaining a great deal on your van insurance is not focused on basic cover price, but includes the extras you are getting for your money. Avoid reducing your current level of cover, which can leave you out of pocket in the event of an accident. Look instead for policies that offer a range of benefits and features included in the quoted price, such as cover for breakdowns, which can help save money elsewhere.

For van lining, enquire with a company such as

Cut fuel costs

If you want to manage your drivers and cut fuel bills more effectively there are options available to help you achieve this. You can consider the vehicles being driven, address driver behaviour, analyse the chosen routes they take and the fuel used.

Drivers often have the largest impact on fuel consumption, and by investing in a telematics system you can monitor their behaviour. Wasteful activities include excessive engine idling and harsh acceleration, whereas driving at steady speeds can improve fuel economy by 25 percent –

Consider bulk buying fuel, which you can store in a tank, to save fuel expenditure by up to 4p per litre less on the price at the pumps.

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