How to make sure you have the best rugby boots

Shopping for rugby boots can prove tricky. There are so many different makes and brands that it can feel like a minefield. Remember that getting the right boots will often depend on the position you will be playing. There are many to choose from and players will each have individual needs and desires. Here are some useful tips for finding the right rugby boots for your game:

Scrum Half & Midfield

These are the players who do the most kicking, so it’s important to focus on that when looking at which boots to choose. Rugby is a high contact sport, so you’ll need a pair that offer durability and great strength. Another point to consider is that you won’t want too much excess material between your toes and the ball. The ideal boots will have round end cleats for good grip and the ability to twist well in the grass.

This ability is important for protecting against knee injuries. Laces shouldn’t interfere with the instep area and you’ll need an upper that’s specifically designed for kicking the ball. The shape and number of the studs should allow for you to make sharp turns whether you’re playing on hard, soft or firm ground conditions.

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Hooker, Prop and Lock

As these positions require being right at the centre of scrum action, the boots you choose must support set pieces. Boots should be able to support the low position of the body, support the strength that is needed in the legs and provide good grip to dig into the ground to give that force required against the opposing team.

It will also be useful to be able to move around the field quickly and comfortably, breaking away suddenly with speed and sometimes kicking. You could get away with sacrificing some mobility to ensure you have boots with long studs, giving you additional strength and manoeuvrability. Ensure you have studs suitable for scrums, no disallowed spikes and boots that are an excellent fit. You’ll have an understanding of what works best for you when you complete your training drills. For new Rugby Drills, visit

Back Three

These positions are sprinting positions that require great distances to be covered quickly and effectively. When you need to launch into an explosive sprint, you need boots that are up to the task and not prone to slipping. You might be better off with two different types of boots, one for wet and one for dry conditions. In the dry, you’ll want to launch at a fast pace, so ideally, you’ll need a light boot with tough front studs for that strong push-off.

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The Back Row

These positions require the ability to stop threats and engage in tackles. Your boots need to ensure that you get everywhere you are needed fast and keep you able to instantly react. Ideally, these boots will be lightweight with studs suitable for softer ground conditions. They must also be strong, durable with enough grip to launch you powerfully, so don’t be tempted to make sacrifices with the cleats. Perhaps consider a metal, medium length stud.

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