How the Apple empire began

Apple is one of the most well-known computer manufacturers across the world. It is used in a lot of industries but most notably in those industries that require graphic design or video and film work. These computers are preferred by professionals in these fields due to their capabilities and access to apps and software that support the photography, film and graphics industries.

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Apple is the work of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who founded the company back in 1976. They were both college dropouts who wanted to create something that would have an impact and a lasting legacy. They wanted to make computers that were user-friendly and capable of being carried around and used in workplaces and homes alike. Interestingly they developed the Apple I in Steve Jobs’ garage. You can be sure that he would have had great access and security in that garage. Much like the support a Garage Doors Bristol company like can give you when you are looking to keep your own garage space safe and secure.

Initially, the duo sold the computers without the monitor and keyboard, but they decided to add these in 1977 and create a complete computer package. The Apple II introduced colour graphics, and this was the first time that this had been seen in computer technology. By 1980, when it became possible for the public to purchase these computers, the company’s sales skyrocketed to $117 million.

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Wozniak left the company in 1983, and John Sculley was appointed in his place. This started a period of issues for the company, and by 1985 Jobs had also left. The company had some successes after this due to many of the plans and processes that had already been put in place, but by 1996 the company was struggling, and just a  year later, the board asked Jobs to return as an interim CEO. He did so willingly and helped to forge new alliances with Microsoft and helped to develop the iPad, iPod and the iPhone. Apple became a significant market player once again. Following Jobs’s death in 2011, Tim Cook took over as CEO and has continued to grow the company with the company reportedly being with one trillion dollars in 2018, and within just a year, it doubled that figure to two trillion dollars.

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