Moving from a large four bedroomed house to a small bungalow in Dudley.

Lots of older couples, living in and around the Dudley area in the West Midlands, who have grown up children that have left the family home, find themselves dreaming of a smaller more manageable property and garden that they can retire to. Somewhere they can enjoy some peace and quiet and have some extra money to spend on holidays or just enjoying their newfound freedom.  One of the practicalities of downsizing from a four bedroomed house to a smaller bungalow is that a lot less furniture, knickknacks and collectables can be housed.  This could mean you decide to sell or donate a lot of your unwanted memorabilia to a favoured charity, or you could make use of Self Storage Dudley from a company such as where you could hold onto your more treasured possessions until  decide what to do with them.

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There are a multitude of deserving charities that would welcome any donations of good quality furniture, tools, clothing, household items and many other things that are no longer needed or required when older couples downsize. Talking to grown up children who own or rent their own homes, about taking some of the more valuable or sentimental items could be a really good idea before getting rid of anything. Thinking about the practicalities of the area you move to is also essential; is there a reliable bus route close by, what about a good Doctors surgery, a NHS dentist, a useful corner shop, and a post office.

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Lots of older couples who now live in the West Midlands and have family and friends in and around the Dudley area will want to keep in touch and see them as often as possible.  Having somewhere to meet up for a coffee and a natter is essential, a great café or park could be the ideal venue for get togethers.  The local park could also be the place to walk your four-legged friend and get the required amount of exercise everyday to stay fit and healthy. Having a caring veterinary practice close to your new home could also be a comfort both to you and your beloved furry companion.  Downsizing could be a great benefit to many older couples as not only might it release equity from the sale of a large property but having a smaller more manageable home and garden could be less of a financial burden.


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