Why it is essential to know your customers

Knowing your customers is something of a broad term. Think about a face-to-face interaction like a shop front or the entrance to a museum. The greeter at the front desk, or the shop assistant, gets to have a first-hand seat with knowing who the customer is as they interact with them there and then. If you operate an online website designed to attract customers, this role becomes harder. The second part of knowing your customer comes from a security aspect. You run the risk of stolen data or accusations of not protecting the customers coming to you if you don’t have a system in place.

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At least that part is easy to cover. Know Your Customer, or KYC for short, is available through www.w2globaldata.com/regulatory-compliance-solutions-and-software/know-your-customer/ means that you’ll have a system up and running, ready to id customers onto the site so they can start using it. This is a big headache removed as the regulatory stipulations must be followed.

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Getting to know your customers after that is up to you. Monitored comments boxes for feedback, straw polls, and surveys (although not too numerous or obtrusive) can be used to build up a picture of the customers that you have. The better that you know them, the more likely you are going to be able to create an environment they feel comfortable in, recognise, and will, hopefully, interact with and buy more from.

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