How to get the most out of bedroom space

The confines of a smaller bedroom should not mean that your bedroom cannot be a space for you to wind down and relax. Struggling to work out the orientation of your bed? Opening a room up can be tricky, however, with these tips you will be able to maximise your space and create a restful retreat.

Utilising space to its full potential means that you must get creative, especially with smaller bedrooms. Making use of vertical space by placing shelves or wall-mounted storage systems can free up floor space and keep clutter out of the way. A good tip when choosing where to put your bed is to have it in the corner or against the wall, creating a cosy retreat that massively opens your space.

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If you are prone to bedroom clutter or ‘floor-drobes’ then having a specific area or system in place can make the room feel less cramped. Why not get a clothes bin for dirty laundry or get some plastic containers to collect unwanted items? It can be wise to do a monthly clear out too, which seems a nuisance but once it is in your routine it can be a productive way to start the month.

Storage itself can be a tricky feature to tackle especially in cramped spaces however there are plenty of opportunities to get creative. Underbed storage draws can be great as well as Fitted wardrobes which can be specifically modified to your room and its orientation.

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In terms of colour and aesthetics, it can be best to keep it minimal and neutral if you want to maximise space. A neutral or pastel colour theme can bring light to the room, and if you coordinate the colours throughout the room, it can feel much more cohesive. Storage can help with the minimal look too, because if you can create a clean and uncluttered space with only a handful of focal points such as lamps this can be extremely effective.

Lighting is key to a bigger-looking room, and this can be achieved in a few ways. Firstly, if the room allows it is important to encourage as much natural light from windows as possible. Shutters can be a great investment, allowing you to control the amount of light that comes in. Furthermore, why not try adding mirrors which add to the illusion of more space?

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