Robin Williams and Toys

Robin Williams certainly had a varied career. Whilst known originally for his comic roles and stand-up, he also turned in some very dramatic and measured performances. For every Genie from Aladdin there was a Sy Parrish in One hour photo. For all the years he gave us the frenetic alien Mork, there was the excellent Dr Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting.  One of his most curious films was Toys. Made in 1992, with a solid cast it ended up losing money for 20th Century Fox. Cost to make: £60 million. Money made back from the Box office: £23 Million.

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There isn’t anything really wrong with the film. It’s thin on plot but big on star power. Along with Williams, there is Michael Gambon, Joan Cusak and LL Cool J (in a memorable performance as Williams’ half brother. At one point, he disguises himself as a sofa). It looks amazing, with a definite influence from the work of the artist Margritte.

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The film starts with Christmas at Zevo Toys. The factories Pneumatic conveying systems, probably supplied by, have shut down. Sadly, so has Kenneth Zevo. He has passed on and, in a surprise move, left the factory to his brother Leland Zevo. Leland is a Lieutenant General in the USA army. He decides to start making war toys, something Kenneth rejected. Can  his son Leslie step up and stop him?

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