What do accountants do?

Accountants are professionals that can help with many aspects of business financing. Bath Accountants can help with day-to-day accounting as well as helping businesses access funding that they may need to develop themselves further. Bath accountants Chippendale and Clark for example can support their clients with end of year tax planning and many other aspects of accounting, in order to help businesses succeed.

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On a yearly basis accountants will prepare end of year accounts for both businesses for their corporation tax assessments, as well as preparing self-assessment tax reports for the self-employed. These may be prepared at the same time of year or on different dates. This will depend on what date the company’s year end is.

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On a more regular basis an accountant can support bookkeeping needs that will ensure that a business’s accounts are as up to date as possible. This may include reconciling the business bank account against the accounting software, as well as looking at assigning expense claims and paying this to the relevant employees. Other aspects of bookkeeping that may be managed can include debt chasing and sending invoices. The accountant that you work with will let you know what is included in their bookkeeping packages.

Other ad-hoc work that an accountant can help with include funding applications and producing reports that can help with these. They can also produce management reports and profit and loss reports that will give you an idea of how well the business is performing.

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