Can I have that E type Jaguar please?

One of the most tragic and saddest sights I have ever seen occurs in the Italian Job. Let me be completely clear here, am talking about the Italian Job. No, not that Mark Wahlberg abomination, the Italian Job, with Michael Caine and Sir Noel Coward, oh and Benny Hill. You know the scene, and if you don’t I will painfully relay it. It concerns the of some of the finest cars ever made in this country so much so that they still look great today.

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Charlie Croker has driven his team in their 3 E type Jaguars through France and over the Alps to Italy. They are headed for Turin. YOu can be sure that they had them checked over before their journey and that they were legally roadworthy. Much like us taking our cars to who offer mots gloucester way. It’s a lovely day and with his beautiful American girlfriend next to him he can feel a bit more confident that everything is going to plan. That’s when it happens

As the Cars turn the corner they are faced with a serious number of Italian Mafiosi including the Godfather himself. They are unable to proceed as a massive Digger blocks their path. Eagle eyed viewers will recognise it as the one used to trash Charlie’s friends Ferrari earlier in the film. Charlie gets out and indicate that he will, as ever do the talking.

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The Mafia do not want the gold in the bank of Turin stolen. They fear it will affect their economy and, worse than that, they will lose face as they should be the ones doing it. Charlie says they’ve just come over for a holiday and Mr Bridger sends his regards. The Godfather looks unimpressed at this and tells Charlie, in no uncertain terms that he won’t stand for the English Mob treading on their toes and turf.

Then the really sickening thing happens. “Your car?” asks the Godfather motion towards the first sliver E type. “Yes”, replies Charlie. “Pretty car”, he says then orders the digger forward. It smashes the top squashing the soft top in. He then shunts it over the side of Alpine road. It tumbles majestically down the mountain side. The British Racing Green one follows soon down the side running the car forever. The design classic pinnacle smashed beyond repair. The last one the digger plays with gentle crushing the top before it goes over the side too.

“You just cost him his no claims bonus!” shouts Charlie as the mafia float away.

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