The fluffy funny world of the muppets

Many people’s childhoods were touched by the comic antics of the Muppets. Each of the many characters that made up the delights of the muppet family had its own personality, rich colour and humour. Now with improved television signals and TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham companies such as you can watch the muppets in crtystal clear pictures.  It is almost impossible to come up with a universal list of the most liked characters as everyone has a connection to different ones. So here is a general list of some of the characters for you to decide which one is your favourite.

Kermit – Probably one of the best-known characters from the Muppets, Kermit has become a bit of a household name. He is somewhat the leader of the Muppets and although he might not be the most eloquent of the group as he tends to find most situations quite nerve inducing, he is a loyal friend and seems to come into his own once he starts singing or playing his trusty banjo. He is the character who helps to pick all the others up when they are feeling down or if they are having a confidence crisis. One running storyline for Kermit is his desperation in trying to get away from Miss Piggy who is borderline obsessed with him.

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Fozzie Bear – This lovely cuddly bear was always my favourite character. As the group resident comedian and Kermit’s best friend he is often seen entertaining the other muppets. Poor Fozzie often finds that his jokes are heckled by the duo of Statler and Waldorf. He often tries to imitate the shows guest stars and in true Fozzie style he always fails to pull it off. Kermit is always on hand to lift his friends’ spirits and reassure him that everything will be ok and to continue to follow his dream.

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The Swedish Chef – chaotic is the best way to describe the Swedish Chefs cooking style. His method of tidying up after he has used a cooking utensil is to simply toss it behind himself and move on to the next task. You certainly wouldn’t trust him to work in a commercial kitchen as he would probably have the place going up in flames in no time at all. Especially as he always seems to be interrupted by a conga line of some description whilst he is trying to cook one dish or another.

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