Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed: 5 steps to prepare it perfectly

Preparing someone’s breakfast in bed is a true gesture of love. On vacation and relaxation days, why not pamper yourself a little?

“I’ll wake you up with some breakfast in bed, I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head”: so James Arthur sings in his romantic ballad Say You Won’t Let Go. Waking up in the morning and finding the loved one who prepared breakfast for us, took it to bed on a tray and passes us a cup of coffee giving us a sweet kiss on the head is a Hollywood film image, but that every woman dreams.

In fact, although as children we were often forbidden because of the crumbs and the high risk of dirtying blankets and pillows, breakfast in bed represents a pampering to be granted at least once a week, especially during weekend or a day of celebration, when you have more time to cook some delicacies and enjoy them. Being a gesture of love, it is also nice to surprise your him in this way. If you have decided to prepare breakfast in bed for your partner, perhaps on an important occasion such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas or on any day when you are both at home , in this article you will find out the 5 steps to follow to make it better.

Before you start, take a look at this short video where we reveal the 10 foods that should never be missing on your table. Some of them, like fruit types, are perfect for serving as breakfast in bed …

1. Wake up

Normally, bringing someone breakfast in your room is a surprise. For this, you need to wake up at least half an hour before to be able to cook and prepare everything, including the arrangement on the tray, with calm and tranquility. It is better to set the alarm to the minimum volume, keep the device or mobile phone close at hand, so as not to wake your loved one, immediately sneaking into the kitchen.

2. Recipes to prepare

For a perfect breakfast in bed there are no fixed rules regarding the choice of foods to serve, but only a few tips. For example, it would be best not to overdo it with foods that leave crumbs and are uncomfortable to eat in bed, but if they are your partner’s favorite recipes, then a tear to the rule can be done. The important thing is to get everything you need the day before and keep it handy in the kitchen, without making too much noise by opening the sideboards and drawers.

If you and your him love the classic sweet breakfast, an excellent idea is to serve slices of toast with butter and jam, a slice of cake or maybe even a homemade waffle or pancakes, accompanied by berries or maple syrup.

Instead, if you are a lover of English breakfast or savory breakfast in general, eggs cannot be missing. They can be served only with bacon or with pancakes and two or three slices of bread per person. A valid alternative is avocado toast, which is now on trend in the brunches of the most refined clubs in the big cities. For both types of breakfast, you can add a plate of fresh fruit.

3. Choice of cups and drinks

Just like for recipes and food, you can also indulge in drinks to sip during breakfast. From classic and timeless coffee to milk, until the juices and juices of various kinds: anything goes! A tip above all concerns the choice of cups : given the limited space of the tray, it is good not to use the larger ones of the set: a medium-sized cup will be fine. Also, avoid filling it to the brim, but up to three quarters, so that coffee or any other drink does not risk spilling.

4. Setting up the tray

For breakfast in bed, it is preferable to use a tray, perhaps made of wood or bamboo, with raised edges, so that the risk of dropping food or drinks is reduced – coffee or milk stains are difficult to remove! In any case, it must be large in order to carry everything you need. In fact, there is nothing more annoying, both for you and your partner in bed, than a constant coming and going between the bedroom and the kitchen, because you have forgotten something, such as the set of napkins, sugar or cutlery.

To make it even more romantic, you can make some decorations, such as scattering some petals or placing a small vase with a flower inside. Furthermore, it is not certain that your boy should always make gallant gestures: you could fold the pyramid napkins or write him a note with a phrase just for him.

5. Atmosphere

Finally, when you are about to enter the room with the tray prepared ad hoc and your delicious breakfast, creates the right atmosphere. In fact, the breakfast in bed of the films is a special moment, at the crossroads between a small luxury and a vice that can be enjoyed only a few days a month. For this reason, it is important to create the best atmosphere, also because, if he has not woken up in the meantime, your partner will still be sleeping. How to do? Simple, just add one or more details of the things you appreciate most. Usually, it is always nice to wake up to your favorite song in the background or find the newspaper you normally read on Sundays in your room.

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