Biggest Ecommerce Retailers in the World

Many ecommerce companies are so successful that it proves in the 21st century, you don’t need bricks and mortar to sell to consumers. Here are some of the most successful ecommerce businesses in the world:


Founded in 1995, this ecommerce business is a global leader in retail from its humble beginnings when it was designed by a computer programmer. With its headquarters in California, by 2015 it had amassed market capital worth $26.98 billion. Selling used and preloved goods all over the world, Ebay is one of the internet giants of today.

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The owner of Amazon is one of the richest men on the planet and by 2015, Amazon had made over $107 billion in sales, making it the largest online retailer in the world. It also has the largest workforce of any internet company, with a staff of more than a quarter of million. It began in 1994 and has its headquarters in Seattle. For help with Ecommerce Web Design Dublin, visit

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This is the biggest online retailer in Asia with over one billion users globally. Founded in 1999, its headquarters are in China and it now operates Alibaba and Aliexpress. The first being primarily for wholesale transactions, while the latter being retail sales. In 2015, it was valued at $202 billion.


Based in Japan, Rakuten is the fourth largest ecommerce retailer. It has a revenue of $6.3 billion and employs almost 13,000 staff. It was founded in 1997 and offers customers deals and cashback perks.

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