Best Sex Toys of 2021

When it comes to sex toys there are lots of different variations to choose from depending on your preference. The experience might be different if you’re using a toy in a couple or if you are using it alone, or maybe you want a toy each. There is no harm in experimenting with different toys and we would recommend trying out a vibrator, cock ring, anal toy or dildo. Whether you’re a beginner or sex toy addict, these are some of our favourites…

Vibrators to climax every time

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, there is nobody that doesn’t like using a vibrator.. Or very few. Women love the climax it builds up and the fact you can use it inside and out. Most vibrators are actually designed for insertion but some prefer external stimulation. Not everyone can reach orgasm without a sex toy or some fast stimulation, so this toy is a must need for those especially. Go for a vibrator with a variety of speed settings and pulse options so you can pick and choose your favourite to make you orgasm. If you want a quiet option you can read reviews and double check this before investing.

You can find vibrators in a range of colours, shapes and sizes so pick something you like the look of as it will be going everywhere. If you don’t plan on inserting the vibrator you can go for other smaller options like a bullet. If you are more for the large vibrators, there are bunny options and G-spot curve vibrators that will hit the spot, you can search by insertion length on most websites. There are many high street shops and online stores that sell vibrators, make sure you read reviews and find reliable websites, such as Mega Pleasure. 

Cock rings to satisfy the both of you

When you are a couple exploring together in the bedroom, you might not know what toy to start with, we would recommend a cock ring. This toy can be enjoyed by both partners as most of the available cock rings vibrate and provide stimulation for the women’s clitoris. The cock ring will prevent blood flow from leaving the penis so the erect will stay long and hard. Use lube to get started immediately and maximise pleasure. You can use cock rings with or without condoms. 

Anal toys 

Anal toys aren’t for everyone but if you haven’t tried one out before, you won’t know if you like it until have. If you are a couple trying out anal for the first time you can invest in lube and some toys. You won’t be stuck for choice with the range of anal toys available, including butt plugs, anal beads, bullets or a douche. Beads are a suitable option for beginners so you can do things at your own pace and go up in sizes if you like them. Many use anal beads during sex but some prefer to use them alone or before intercourse. If you are looking to open the anus, you can go for a butt plug, there are a huge range of different shapes and sizes to choose from and some vibrate. 


Dildos are enjoyed by other women and men, depending on how sexually liberated you are this could be an option for you. They can be used together or alone, most users do both. A dildo is a simple way to spice things up and add something different to your sex life. There are plenty of shapes and sizes available, like most sex toys and even double-ended designs for those who want extra pleasure.

Now you know some of the best sex toys in 2021 and how many options there are online and in stores, try out one or two options and you will be sure to find a favourite. Introducing toys to your sex life as a couple can be exciting and keep things hot in the bedroom.

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