best exercises

The best exercises to train strength for swimming

The exercises are grouped into circuits, which have very short rest periods. The repetitions must comply with “comfortable” loads. This means that it is not necessary to lift many pounds, but focus on the technique. But it is as important to give time to your muscle for recovery. In the card that will allow you to train the strength for swimming, these 6 fundamental exercises cannot be missing.

  1. External shoulder rotation

To perform the first exercise, you will need dumbbells or even elastic cords. Keeping your back straight, lift the weight with one hand. The important thing is to keep the elbow under the shoulder and well attached to the bust, without ever moving it outside. Open the forearm outwards, in a lateral direction, starting from the height of the feet up to the level of the shoulder. Repeat the exercise 20 times and then change shoulder. Remember to make slow movements and respect the 90 degree width between the front and the shoulder side.

best exercises

  1. Push with dumbbells

It is a popular exercise in the gym and will serve to train the shoulders and develop their strength for swimming. You will have to sit on a sloping bench, with the back straight. In each hand you will hold a handlebar (we advise you to start with a low weight, 5 kg for example).

Keeping your elbows bent, you will start with the weights sideways at shoulder height, pushing upwards to bring them over your head, without letting them touch. We suggest 30 repetitions.

  1. Press for the legs

This exercise serves to generate strength in the legs, another of the most important parts of the body for those who practice swimming. Surely you will find one of these machines in your gym and using it will be very easy.

After adjusting the seat and adding the weights (we suggest you start with a low weight, lower than your body weight), you will push upwards with your legs, levering with your whole foot. In negative work, that is when the platform will descend towards you, you can go down to maintain a 45 degree angle with your knees.

Also known as a lumbar extension, it allows the dorsal muscles, the hip flexors and even the abdominals to work. It can be done on the floor, on a mat or on a fitball. In the latter case you can also train balance and stability, calling into question many antagonistic muscles. This is a good exercise, similar to what can happen when you swim in the water.

To do this, you will first have to lie down on the ground. Keep your head down and, while raising your arms in front of your head, you will do the same with your legs, just like Superman does when flying. We advise you to perform 3 sessions of 10 repetitions.

  1. Side Plank

It is an exercise of strength and resistance more than interesting for those who practice swimming, because it acts on the oblique and transverse abdominals, at the same time as it strengthens the back and shoulders.

Lie on your side on a mat or mat, with your legs extended. Support yourself by leaning on an elbow and forearm as you raise your body. Use your foot on the ground as a support, so as to keep yourself in balance. Keep your posture as high as you can and then change sides. We suggest you do 5 repetitions.

  1. Rower with barbell

Another exercise to train the strength for swimming, designed for the shoulders, involves the use of a barbell. Bend your legs slightly and lean your chest forward. With your arms firmly attached to your body, slowly bring your elbows up until the barbell touches the waist. With 20 repetitions it will be enough.

As you have seen, there are several workouts that will allow you to train your swimming strength in a practical way and with key results for your pool performance. You will acquire more power, speed and keep the spectrum of possible muscle injuries away.

In the article, we have included a number of basic repetitions that you can perform on multiple sessions. We advise you to ask the instructor or your coach for advice in order to plan a training routine together based on these 6 exercises, specifically designed to help swimmers improve their results.

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