Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade in 2023

Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade in 2023

Successful cryptocurrency trading requires picking a reliable platform that provides needed tools and knowledge of how the crypto market works. The important thing is to understand what crypto prices depend on. It requires a thorough investigation of crypto charts, finding historical indicators and patterns, analyzing the external factors that affect the market (inflation, the world’s economy, etc.), and the crypto industry’s new background.

Crypto coin pricing depends on the following factors:

  • Technology underlying a crypto project
  • Market capitalisation, which shows the level of the project’s popularity
  • The number of coins issued (limited or unlimited).

In this article, we will talk about the top crypto to trade in 2023.

The Best Crypto Assets to Consider Trading

2022 was a difficult year for the crypto market. It lived through several collapses, and crypto prices are now low. Investors are now looking for promising coins to invest in, for they know that the market trend may change very soon, so the prices may skyrocket in 2023. So the end of 2022 is the time to add some assets to your investment portfolio and wait for the next market trend. We have composed the list of the best crypto to buy now and trade in 2023:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. XRP
  3. Ethereum
  4. Polygon
  5. Solana
  6. Polkadot
  7. Avalanche.

These assets will likely reach the moon in 2023. We would like to make an accent on Ethereum. Recently, the platform has switched to the Proof-of-Stake consensus, which means now ETH coins are not mined but stakes. It allows for reducing transaction costs in the Ethereum network, increases throughput, and makes the blockchain available for anyone to stake ETH. These changes in the Ethereum network make us believe the project will get much more clients – developers who create and deploy their products on the top of the Ethereum blockchain, which will obviously affect the ETH crypto coin pricing. So it makes sense to buy this coin and trade crypto in 2023, which will hopefully be a good year for the crypto industry.

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