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Getting on in the world of fashion is difficult for anyone but there are many that flourish and thrive if they can get the breaks and stay the course. One such example of this is Vanessa Friedman. She has risen to be the Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic at the New York Times and you don’t get much higher or more influential than that. It doesn’t matter what gender style you were, when this lady speaks you listen. Her opinion and influence even filters down to menswear Ireland based suppliers like EJ Menswear.

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A New Yorker born and bred, Freidman possesses that metropolis’ ethos and mentality making her a force to be reckoned with. She was first published in the  The New Yorker in 1998 and has not looked back since going on to be editor and writer for a number of publications in the USA and in Europe. She doesn’t just limit herself to fashion pages. Friedman also has a good understanding and foresight on the world of business as well. She’s a strong believer in the fashion that makes money and appeals to a wider audience. Better to have designs that can sell but balance that with the creative side of things.

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Now firmly resident in her role  at the New Yorker she has not been without her controversies. At one point in 2019 she’d had a go at Tulsi Gabbard, a female Democratic presidential candidate, for wearing a white pantsuit. Nothing wrong with that you might think, entitled to her opinion etc. However, Friedman had praised Hilary Clinton for wearing something exactly the same in 2016. Fashion people have long memories.

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