Making Your Dog Happy

8 Tips on Making Your Dog Happy

Dogs are quite loyal to humans. They will love you, selflessly. Hence, it is not a surprise that most homes in America have dogs as their family pets. Even though dogs are happy animals, you need to make them happier by engaging in little fun activities and taking them for a treat. So, what will likely make your dog happy?

Here are a few tips on how to make your dog happy:

Feed Your Dog Well

Even though there has been widespread debate on canine nutrition, we all agree that feeding your dog with a variety of food, especially fresh ones, would ensure it stays healthy and happy. Before feeding your dog, conduct thorough research on the best food types that could be nutritious. If you feed your dog right, you will notice three things: increased energy, easier digestion, and healthier skin. In case you have any doubts on the right diet, seek advice from your veterinarian.

Keep Your Dog Tidy

Proper grooming makes your dog more comfortable and healthy. Bathing your dog regularly can help keep allergies away from its skin. Most dog breeds have fur all over their bodies. However, it would help if you trim the dog’s fur periodically. Haircuts would ensure that your dog has an unobstructed vision. Have you ever thought of getting your dog a toothbrush? Most dog owners don’t have a good oral routine for their dogs. Regular brushing of the dog’s teeth helps prevent various periodontal infections. Therefore, ensure you design a good oral routine for your dog.

Ensure the Dog Has Plenty Exercises

Dogs love activities. Following the same path could be quite boring for both of you. Try to veer off the common walking path, or take the dog for longer walks. You can also organize some hiking activities in the woodlands, or let your dog join you whenever you are going out for shopping. Of course, you can get your dog car beds and let it join your family for long trips.

Visit the Vet Regularly

Having the dog get checked by the vet is essential for the long-term health of your dog. During such visits, your vet will check on the dog’s progress, and review its diet. Additionally, you need to ensure that the dog receives its periodic vaccination. You can always visit your vet every six months. During these visits, ensure you discuss the well-being of your dog with the vet.

Rub Your Dog Often

Dogs enjoy belly rubs. A good massage on the belly or the back makes the dog more relaxed. Besides, it helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. If it rolls over its back whenever you rub it, know it’s enjoying every moment. An indication that the dog trusts you. The next time you see your puppy rolling over its back next to you, affectionately scratch or rub its belly.

Give Your Dog its Own Space

Just like humans, dogs need their own space. Having a private place where your dog can go to unwind will inevitably make your dog happy and healthy. The private space could be of much importance whenever you have visitors around, or you focused on doing your house chores.

Buy Him Toys

Dogs, just like kids, love playing with toys. Toys help dogs fight boredom, especially when no one is at home. It would be best if you got your dog an assortment of toys, as regular toys might likely lead to boredom. Besides, ensure you keep the dog’s toys clean. Buy enough toys to enable you to maintain the needed toy cycle by rotating the toys available to your dog. The toy cycle will help keep your dog happy.

Let Your Dog Socialize

Dogs are social animals. Having your dog meet new people, including other dogs, could help boost its morale. However, keeping the dog at home could be quite harmful, especially if it’s an introvert one. Do not just introduce the dog to new people at once. Ensure you introduce them one at a time. Additionally, you can take your dog to your local dog park, and let it play with other dogs. This gives it an excellent opportunity to build dog-to-dog relationships.

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