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8 ideas for a surprise evening for your partner

When organizing a wedding it is easy to be caught up in the commitments, it requires, but do not forget to continue dedicating quality time to the couple. If you are short of ideas, here are some that might be right for you to arrange a surprise evening for your partner.

At the basis of a successful marriage, there is certainly the desire to amaze and please one’s partner regardless of the wedding dress. If you have not yet thought of a good wedding phrase to use for promises, start with this: “I promise to continue to surprise you for the rest of our lives together”. So here are some ideas for a good start!

1. A romantic dinner at home

For a dinner that works, it is not necessary to be related to online you can find many effective recipes that can be replicated in just a few minutes and without the need to be a cook wizards.

But don’t make the mistake of believing that in order to prepare a surprise evening successfully, just start a great banquet! Dress fully as if you were going out: put on your best clothes or put on make-up as if you were going to the gala and prepare the table with a bouquet of flowers to use as a centerpiece. In short, you can already guess from the first glance that it will be a very special evening.

2. The treasure hunt

Meet your partner at a specific place at a specific time of day, to do this, use a note that you will give him/her without too many explanations, let him/her be puzzled to understand what awaits him/her.

Once you arrive at the meeting place, give him the second envelope in which, answering a rhyming riddle, he will discover the first real stage of your tour.

You can decide the destinations according to your tastes, to be on the safe side you could think of an aperitif, a candlelit dinner and to conclude with a little romance, a breathtaking view in the most scenographic place of your city.

3. Cinema evening

Cinema might seem like a rather banal destination for a romantic outing, yet if you think about how many films and TV series tell of first kisses exchanged in this context, it will be easy to understand that in reality the darkness of a movie theater can be a really real place very romantic for a couple who wants to share some special time together.

Set aside the preparation of your wedding invitations for a moment and kidnap your partner for an evening of kisses stolen from the salty taste of popcorn!

4. Picnic with a view

Maybe it won’t be the case to wear your brand new elegant shoes, but we can assure you that in terms of romance this surprise evening beats them all!

Preparing food for your partner is both an act of love and seduction, so choose a secluded place and try to make it as scenographic as possible. To do this, just look for a lawn in your favorite park at dusk, some candles (I recommend, in the glass jars to prevent them from going out at the first gust of wind or worse, which cause a fire!) And obviously a delicate blanket to lay on the ground.

For food you can do something rustic and practical to eat such as sandwich or savory pie, or opt for something more elaborate such as finger food. Give your partner an appointment specifying to go to the place of your choice dressed in a casual but refined way, the rest will be pure magic!

5. Quiz evening with final prize

If you are a couple with a playful soul, you could take advantage of this feature to organize a fun and romantic surprise evening at the same time.

Collect a series of questions related to your love story, once finished choose to reward your partner with a welcome gift, be it spicy or immeasurably romantic.

6. Relive the places of your first meeting

This idea is very similar to the treasure hunt but in a much more romantic variant, in fact the stages of your journey may be the places that have characterized your love story.

You can leave in the place of your first kiss and then go to that of your first fight, it will be a beautiful way to recall precious moments lived together or, if not, to refresh your memory if this is a little misfiring!

7. Concert evening

Regardless of whether your soul is rock or lyrical, listening to good music together is always an excellent idea. If you have a singer or a band of your heart, be sure to buy the best places to take your partner to an evening of kisses and songs sung at the top of their lungs.

8. An evening at the spa

Many cities have more or less large, natural or artificial spas, it does not matter, in fact in these places it is possible to book a couple’s massage or make an excellent appetizer based on sushi while embracing sip a glass of bubbles.

In order to remain a surprise, however, make sure to prepare the bag with the costume. In many structures, in fact, it is not necessary to bring anything more than this because they will take care of everything else.

Always find time to devote to you. Although the thousand daily commitments related to work and the organization of the wedding can overwhelm you in a whirlwind of things to do, it is right to feed your intimate life day by day with small gestures and attentions.

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