7 top things to see and do in Faro, Portugal

If you always dream of visiting Portugal, then you are not alone – this is a very popular and beautiful destination. Don’t overlook the capital, because most tourists arrive directly out of town and head to a resort. Here are the best things to do in Faro:

  1. Praia de Faro

Don’t rush to the resort but stay and explore the capital. Right behind the airport, you can follow the road directly to Praia de Faro, a vast expanse of soft sand dotted with beach bars and casual cafes for you to directly enter Portuguese life and get out of travel mode.

  1. Sé de Faro

This is an iconic cathedral that rises from the site of an ancient Roman temple and once served as a Moorish mosque. This place is now a stunning Roman Gothic style of worship with stunning Faro views and impressive Baroque organs.

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  1. Cidade Velha

The old city is a must-visit area that offers a variety of architectural styles to be enjoyed, along with storks nesting along the roof. There are various ancient cafes and bars to choose from, from where to watch the world go by or visit O Castelo, with a calendar of cultural events and live music not to be missed. Travel to Faro with Irish Airports and visit https://irelandwestairport.com/

  1. Faro City Museum

Even before you go inside, you will be amazed because the architecture itself is a sight worth seeing. Featuring 3rd-century mosaics and statues of Roman Emperor Hadrian, there is a lot to inspire before you even step inside. Narrating the story of Faro from its birth to today, you will also find some works of art from Carlos Porfirio.

  1. Churches in Faro

Faro is the perfect place to see the beautiful churches in the clean white ceramic tiled building that you would expect in this region. Be sure to include Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, an impressive twin tower building with a Brazilian gold-plated interior. For those who have a strong constitution, Capela dos Ossos is not far away and is made of skulls and bones of more than 1,200 monks!

  1. Palácio de Estoi

A visit to Faro will not be complete without seeing parks designed by nobles, Fernando de Carvalhal in the 1800s. The gardens are home to hidden, romantic caves, soothing fountains, and stunning areas decorated with blue porcelain tiles. Palacio is now a luxury hotel but you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the view and coffee on the balcony of the restaurant which offers incredible views.

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  1. Ria Formosa

Described as one of the most beautiful places in the entire Algarve, this is a natural park and a haven for wildlife. This area consists of a salt pan, island and lagoon, making it the perfect destination for biking, hiking, kayaking, or participating in a guided tour. Go see birds and see many other protected species thriving here.


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