7 Things Viewers Notice After Rewatching The Charmed Pilot

The first episode of the original show involves three sisters who discover the Book of Shadows. The three sisters possess magical powers- Phoebe is clairvoyant, Piper can freeze time, and Prue has telekinesis. Below is a list of details viewers notice after rewatching the Charmed pilot.

1.      Their Careers Are In A Spotlight

Piper becomes blind once she realizes she can freeze time. Instead of being afraid or confused when her likely boss freezes mid-bite, she seizes the opportunity to secure that job. Prue even goes to work after being labeled a witch, which proves that work is more crucial than radical changes. Throughout the Charmed series, the witches have careers, but their jobs don’t prevent them from saving the world.

2.      The Flirting

The three sisters have a flirting gift aside from being innate at witchcraft. The sisters’ flings throughout the series are a central plot line, and viewers notice how effortless the sisters are in the art when Prue flirts with Andy in the first episode. Brad Kern highlights the game the three sisters possess and compares it to how flirting occurs in the digital world via dating apps or texts.

3.      Phoebe’s Adaptability Seems Unbelievable

Phoebe’s move back indicates the possibility of adapting to the new life. She takes to the witchy realities way better than her sisters. Her sisters are slightly resentful and act in disbelief, but Phoebe accepts the calling to save the innocent and efficiently fights bad guys. The adaptability shows how responsible she is, since she only takes a little time to identify her role in saving the world.

4.      The Bad News Ouija Boards

The first episode piles on happenings in a horror movie. These elements include the dead phone line, the blackout, and the hesitation of the three sisters to go to the attic or the basement. The presence of the Ouija board really sets the horror-esque, chilling tone at the very beginning. The alphabetized tool serves as communication equipment for spirits and is an omen for additional trouble in any TV show or film.

5.      Witches And Their Style

The three Halliwell sisters always dress impeccably despite their demonic battle. Phoebe’s athleisure, Piper’s Kimono, and Prue’s gray sheath dress look iconic throughout the show. Even the nightgowns worn by the three sisters are stylish.

6.      Phoebe’s Living State Feels The Moment

After living independently in New York for some time, Phoebe moves back to rejoin her family’s house in San Francisco. The move is relatable and understandable, especially for those who had to relocate due to COVID-19. Most big-city renters returned to their childhood homes to rejoin their families until normalcy resumed, just like Phoebe.

7.      The Show Is Funny

The episodes in the series are nostalgic and have snarky lines, which are funny for viewers. These instances are essential in capturing viewers’ attention, and the show’s producers do an excellent job of achieving precisely that. Phoebe divulges that their family has an ancestor witch, while Piper retorts that the family also has a maniac aunt, a drunk cousin, and an invisible father.

Witches experience a significant renaissance in pop culture and social media from numerous series. The three sisters are the first witches kicking demon butt in midriff-baring, slinky tops. Comic enthusiasts are always enjoying the episodes from the Charmed pilot due to the listed happenings.

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