6 Signs It’s Time to Replace an Ultrasound Machine

If you have an ultrasound that has been lying around for some time, you may be stuck between repairing or replacing it. Repairing an item may seem to be the easy way, but if you aren’t careful, you can end up spending more on repairs than what you would spend on buying a flawless, brand-new machine. Also, you can dispose of something that could be of use after some repairs. As you know, there is no room for error when it comes to making patients’ diagnoses. Read on to learn how you can determine when it’s time to replace your ultrasound machine.

1. The Cost of Repair Is More Than that of Replacing

If an ultrasound machine is very old and keeps on having problems, you may consider the cost of repairing it or replacing it. If the repairing cost is much lower and the equipment is not in a very bad state, you can consider repairing it. However, replacing will be a better option if the repair costs go above or are almost the same as replacement costs. Additionally, you don’t have to go for a brand-new machine. You can also go for a Mindray ultrasound refurbishment option to save on costs.

2. It Has Become Obsolete

Technology is evolving every day, and the innovation of better machines seems to be endless. If you have an ultrasound machine with obsolete technology, you might consider replacing it with a modern, advanced one.

More advanced machines usually offer improved functionality and make work easy for physicians. They may have features like improved speed, clearer images, and better portability.

3. The Machine Is Very Old

Most ultrasound machines will last for 5-7 years. However, the lifespan of these machines varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. After this period, the machines may start developing various issues and need frequent repairs. Also, if a machine is not properly maintained, its life span may go even lower. If yours is older than seven years, it is more advisable to replace as repairing will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

4. It Keeps on Developing Problems

Ultrasound machines may develop problems due to wear and tear and also poor maintenance. If your machine keeps on developing problems, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. You may try to establish the cause of the problem and rectify it. If things don’t get better, it might be time to replace the machine.

5. Your Needs Have Changed

Your needs might have changed with time. For example, you may have started with just a small health facility and continue to grow gradually, and you now have a large facility. You may also have included more services than you used to provide in the future. In such cases, some of the equipment you used before may not cater to your growing needs. The only solution here is to get a new machine that takes care of all your needs.

6. The Machine Is No Longer Complying With the Set Regulations

Health authorities may impose different regulations, and some old machines may not align with them. They do this to make sure only the right equipment is used in the health industry. If your ultrasound machine doesn’t meet these regulations, the only option you have is to replace it. That will help prevent you from getting into trouble and improve your services by getting a better machine.

When it comes to medical equipment, you have to ensure they are in good working conditions at any given time. Faulty ultrasound machines cause a lot of inconveniences since they are slow and can give the wrong results. It’s always good to know when to replace your machine and avoid wasting resources attempting repairs.

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