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5 trends of interior decoration

Trends in interior decoration show the relevance of a theme that is updated and renewed in each season. A novelty that coexists with change and also with the permanent. Since, although there are trends that go out of style, others are universal in essence. What are some of the main proposals of this moment?

White furniture without handles in the kitchen

interior decoration

White furniture dresses the kitchens of many homes. This color that brings light and combines perfectly with many other colors, can be customized not only through the choice of original handles, but also through their absence. This is an example of modern cuisine. A minimalist concept that brings simplicity to the configuration of the space by means of a striking idea in its aesthetics from the inherent simplicity.

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Macramé details in the decoration

interior decoration

The decoration of the home can also have the creative imprint of those who personalize some detail of the place with one of their skills. A creative talent that is present, for example, in macramé creations. The artisan essence that turns each creation into a totally unique and different result shows the value of this type of proposal.

One of the advantages of this type of decoration idea is not only the originality of each design, but also the saving factor. They are creations that have an emotional value for the illusion and time associated with this process, but at an affordable cost.

This example of a proposal linked to the past is a clear example of the DIY concept. Around this theme you can also find a stimulating hobby with which to enrich your free time by attending a course whose program revolves around this technique with which to make new crafts.

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Wooden shelves in the kitchen

interior decoration

This type of open shelves are placed at the top of this room, replacing the location of the furniture. An idea that brings order to the whole adding amplitude. A way to structure kitchen products on shelves that despite their simplicity are practical and visual not only for themselves, but also for what they hold.

This type of shelves can be made in different materials. The wood reaches the heart of this area of the house that for many people is your favorite.

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Design of lamps

interior decoration

Lighting is a fundamental aspect of housing that also favors the quality of life in the home. In the landscape of decoration, lamps are the main protagonists. They can transform the aesthetics of a place through their presence. Its light not only comes off its functionality, but also the inherent beauty of an attractive model. The lighting plan of the house is a priority in the home experience since there is a type of lighting for each room and for each moment. For example, the lighting of hanging shelves is currently trending.

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Marble at home

interior decoration

The elegance of marble is the protagonist of interior design as a decoration trend that adds beauty to the home. Marble is a classic interior decoration, however, it is updated not only in its image, but also in the way of integrating into the house beyond the counter top of the bathroom sink. Marble can also bring beauty to a living room table.

Therefore, trends in interior decoration show the inherent change to this theme that renews the image of homes to the beat of the present. What other decoration trends are your favorites?

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