Essentials to Have in a Woman’s Wardrobe

5 Apparel Essentials to Have in a Woman’s Wardrobe

With no dearth of choice when it comes to women’s fashion, especially apparel, it may be easy to believe that putting together a perfect wardrobe is a cakewalk. But that is far from the truth! The boundless options in Womens clothing make it a real challenge to put together a closet that is every occasion and situation-ready. A wardrobe that is utterly reliable and yet offers plenty of room to make a unique style statement.

To get you started, here are five essentials that you must embrace as part of your wardrobe:

Smart Shorts: Be it grocery shopping or park hopping, nothing even comes close to the comfort that a pair of shorts can provide. For a more casual -relaxed look, you can pair your shorts with comfortable sneakers and a lovely crop top, and you’re concert or cafe ready! Shorts render heightened comfort without compromising on your look, and that is what makes them so unique and an absolute must-have. On days when you don’t feel like dressing up but have to for a casual outing, slip into shorts and a tee, and you’re through. Simple and sorted!

Comfort Jeans: A perfect accompaniment for every mood or nearly any occasion, your wardrobe is incomplete without a perfect pair of comfort jeans. You can just NOT go wrong with a denim look! Besides, jeans always come to your rescue when you’re worried about being over-dressed or under-dressed. While they offer plenty of room for experimentation, jeans also save your day by deeming your look safe enough. Most importantly, they are so easy to maintain that all you have to care about is donning and not cleaning them!

Relaxed T-shirt: Thinking athleisure? or a super casual look on your mind? All you need is a lovely t-shirt to help you nail your look. Be it a round neck addition or a relaxed-fit collared t-shirt, floral print or a colour block variant, no matter what you choose, a t-shirt can never be underestimated for the simplicity, elegance and comfort it provides. What more can one ask for on carefree days than a perfect t-shirt to let you put your feet down and chill?

Elegant Dress: To amp up your style quotient on special occasions, a well-fitted elegant dress is all you’ll need. With the perfect dress, you don’t have to overtly worry about accessorising, as your ensemble will be enough to spill magic! All you’ll really need is the right pair of shoes and a dainty handbag to notch up your entire look. Depending on your preference, you can zero down a skater dress or a gorgeous bodycon, or even a flared gown.

Jackets & Zippers: Jackets and zippers can render an extra edge to your apparel and the whole look in general. Womens clothing needs are only halfway there without these thoughtful yet stylish additions. For winters, add a denim or leather jacket to your look and walk confidently without feeling the jitters. Come summer, chiffon shrugs or lace jackets can make all the difference! You have zippers loaded with features if you need something suitable for the gym or an evening run. This is suggestive of the fact that you’ll never feel incomplete or underconfident stepping out only if you choose the perfect jacket or zipper.

Bearing the must-haves mentioned above in mind, you can be sure of putting together a wardrobe that has always got you covered!

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