Your PPE checklist

In the wonderful world of construction, beautiful buildings are created from scratch up and down the country, helping the UK to improve its infrastructure and look more visually appealing. According to the most recent data, there are around 1.4 million people employed in the construction sector which makes it one of the most popular areas to work in the whole of the country.

As with any job, however, construction does bear some risk and due to the nature of the work, these risks can be particularly damaging from slips, falls and even death in some cases. In 2020/21, there were 142 deaths in workplaces and construction was the most common field where these occurred in.

These occurrences can be caused by accidents, improper training or in some cases, a lack of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Within this article, we will tell you the PPE that site managers must ensure each worker is wearing to reduce the risk of injury.


When working on a construction site, the chances of falling objects is extremely high. This could be rubble falling from heights or even equipment falling which could prove fatal should it hit a worker on the head. With hardhats, you can easily reduce the risks and they don’t bear a high price too.


One of the other risks of falling objects is that they could fall onto toes which is why steel-capped boots are a must for employees on a construction site. Toes are extremely fragile pieces of the body so if a heavy object falls on them then it could lead to a loss of the toe.

High visibility jackets

During the darker winter months, some construction work may go into the evening which means it will be dark. To keep staff safe from accidents happening due to not being able to see staff, all workers should be wearing high visibility vests.


Many of the tools that are used onsite have the potential to create sparks or dust which can get into the eyes of workers. If this happens, it could lead to eyesight loss in the worst cases so goggles must be worn by all to reduce the risk.


Dust as well as fumed from petrol-based power tools should never be inhaled as it could lead to health problems down the line. To prevent this, masks can stop anything harmful from entering the body as well as prevent the spread of covid-19.

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