Trinity Seven Season 2

Trinity Seven Season 2: Release Date and Updates

There are many anime series that deserves a second season but they are not given one. There are many titles for this type of anime and, unfortunately, Trinity Seven is one of them. Will there be a Trinity Seven Season 2? Here is everything we know about the program so far but before that, we have shared with you Trinity Seven Season 1 synopsis, in case you want to review …

Trinity Seven Synopsis

Arata Kasuga lived a normal childhood with her best friend and supposed cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, in a small town. However, everything changed the day of the black sun, and a magician appeared before him. The black sun caused a “Collapse Phenomenon” that destroyed the city in which he lives and all its inhabitants. Because of this, his normal life is rebuilt by a grimoire that Hijiri Kasuga gave him before disappearing. In the beginning, everything is normal but he begins to suspect everything when he notices that although his life is apparently normal, the sun still looks black. At that moment, a magician appears before him and when he sees that everything was false, the destroyed city is seen again. This made him make the decision to become a magician. Keep Reading code geass season 3

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Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

The Trinity Seven anime was released a long time ago. It’s the twelfth and final episode was released on December 24, 2014. That is quite a while now, even by anime standards. However, there is still no new season announced for this anime and, therefore, there is no release date for Trinity Seven Season 2. The first thirty chapters of the manga (or seven volumes) were the basis for the first season of the anime. The manga is still in progress and is in its 18th volume.

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There are many chapters to adapt to another anime season. Maybe two new seasons could be adapted with the current materials. Why is Trinity Seven season 2 still out of reach? What are the plans for the series? There are many questions, and I will try to ask for possible reasons why the anime is not yet on its way.

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Trinity Seven Season 2 Updates

First, there are rumors about the premiere of the anime in April 2019. However, by reviewing its official website, there is no official announcement that the rumor is true. Second, the manga will only have anime when sales are good or bad. Either way, the reason for both is to promote manga sales through anime. And last but not least, the license is chaotic, and the series was broadcast a lot in four years. It was at Crunchyroll during its first season in 2014. In 2015, Madman Entertainment bought the license for the series; this is followed by Sentai Filmworks in 2016 and KSM Anime (the current license owner) in 2017.

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But fans are not lost either, a Trinity Seven season 2 could happen in the future. The manga is still ongoing, and the fan base is still there. A second adaptation of the movie is in production, and maybe showrunners are testing the waters through a movie to see if there is still a good fan base.

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