Tips for gardening in small spaces with pots and planters

Despite living in an apartment or small apartment you should not give up gardening since gardening in pots and planters is your best option. You can create your own garden on a balcony by planting fresh vegetables, herbs, and other flowers, making it in window boxes and balcony planters even if you have a small space.

You just have to take into account the options that we indicate below to choose your pots well and be able to enjoy your space. In addition, on online store you have different models of planters that can fit within your tastes and preferences.

Evaluation of your space: Opportunities for gardening

When evaluating the space you have to plant your plants in pots and planters is vitally important to ensure if it receives full sunlight, or shade throughout the day since the choice of plants will not be the same.

You must know if you are going to start sowing from seeds or if you are going to choose to transplant the plants that you buy. In both cases, you must have soil for pots, fertilizers and other supplies that you need always at hand before you start.

Having all this information in advance will save you time in purchasing your pots, will help reduce your sowing options, and will undoubtedly make you successful in planting in pots and planters.

Pots and planters: The varieties of herbs and vegetables

Plants for potted plants and most popular planters, such as cherry tomatoes, pickles, and peppers, need direct sunlight all day or at least 4 to 6 hours a day.

These vegetables, therefore, will not be your best option if your balcony is surrounded by large trees or buildings that block the sun’s entrance for most of the day.

Other aromatic herbs and especially basil and oregano have the same requirements.

In this case, your best option will be leafy vegetables such as lettuce, green leafy vegetables or spinach, which are able to grow with less sunlight, although you should know that their growth is slower.

Within the same group of vegetables that grow well without direct sunlight are green beans, peas, broccoli, and radishes.

In the case of aromatic herbs, you find mint and lemongrass.

Pots and planters: Plants with flowers

In your choice do not limit yourself only to the growth of plants, there are great varieties of flowers that you can choose for your balcony or garden, your choice will be reduced to a matter of personal taste.

The important thing, once you have made your choice of plants for your pots and planters, is that you read carefully the individual indicators that clearly show you what the best conditions for your plants are.

These markers will indicate the best requirements of shade or sun, size of growth, other specific care that your plants may need, and of course, the needs of irrigation.

Creative pots and planters

The pots, hanging pots, and wooden barrels are always large containers that provide good use for our plants, but you can reuse others such as wicker baskets or even a conical dish. This is a creative way to save money and also contribute to recycling in your garden.

As you can see, a balcony is a wonderful area in which you can enjoy making a garden since not only will you create a relaxing environment, but you will also endow your house with color, aroma, and flavor, obtaining benefits in all the aspects.

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