Tips for Your Next Virtual Corporate Event

These days, virtual corporate events are nearly as popular as in-person parties and conventions. If they’re planned and executed well, virtual events can be satisfying and productive for everyone involved. These tips will help you make your next virtual corporate event the best it can be.

Choose the Right Event

Begin by choosing the right event. Some work better in the virtual realm than others. You might decide on a conference with a variety of speakers and panel discussions, or you could choose a training or team-building session. Virtual happy hours and other social events can work well, too, especially when you’re trying to create connections between employees and clients or investors.

Schedule Well

A virtual event won’t fly if you don’t have participants, so schedule your event well. You might send out a survey to your potential guests, presenting a list of possible dates and times and asking which work best. You’ll probably not be able to accommodate everyone, but you can choose the option that fits most people’s schedules.

Let People Know

When you’ve scheduled your event, let people know the date and time right away so that they can make plans to attend. You can send out emails and put up notices on your website or social media sites, depending on the scope of your event. A week before the event, send out email reminders, and do so again the day before. Your participants will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Select a Proper Platform

There are many platforms for hosting virtual events, so select the right one for your event. Make sure that you will have the necessary space for the number of guests you intend to invite. Some platforms work better with audio only. Others allow for many video streams. You may also want to choose a platform that offers easy registration and automatic reminders.

Pay Attention To Details

As you plan your event, pay close attention to details. If you’re offering a conference, for instance, make sure you have a schedule for your speakers. Tell them how long they have for their presentations and for questions. Plan fun interludes in between speakers, too, with trivia games or short readings or discussions. Training sessions should also be planned well so that you don’t overwhelm participants with too much information too quickly.

Set Rules

Virtual events can become chaotic unless you set some basic rules and make sure everyone knows them. Participants’ microphones should remain muted, for example, to curb distracting background noise. Comments can be directed to the chat box. Also, determine a system to smooth out discussions. You might have people use the hand-raise feature or type a symbol in the chat box if they want to make a vocal comment. This will ensure that everyone takes a turn.

Find the Help You Need

If you’re stuck in the planning stages for your next virtual event, then hire a virtual event company to help. You’ll receive great ideas and guidance every step of the way, and your planners will take care of all the details so that you can focus on welcoming your guests and enjoying your event.

A virtual event can be a great way to bring your company together, so plan well, and then enjoy!

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