Three Countryside Walks to Enjoy in Monaghan

If you want a perfect base in Ireland where you can be within easy reach of all the facilities and services that you need, such as shops like Vodafone Monaghan as well as many paces to eat and drink then Monaghan is perfect. It also has a lot of beautiful places to walk and enjoy the outdoors nearby – here are three places to enjoy the Irish Countryside…

Rossmore forest park is a popular place to walk and enjoy the countryside. See what remains of the Rossmore castle and enjoy a stroll through the beautiful woodlands and gardens that are part of the estate. It is also popular with children who enjoy the sculpture trail and the play area. The park is home to a lot of animals including otters and badgers, as well as many trees – from the long avenue of Yew Trees to some of the original trees that were here when the estate was first established, such as the Scots Pine.

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Walk the abandoned Ulster Canal walk. Starting in the town of Monaghan, head through a variety of landscapes, as well as some of the original structures that were built at the time of the canal in 1842, such as the locks and the gates of the canal. There is a route that is suitable for wheelchair use too so it is something that everyone can enjoy.

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Walk the Tra Walk which is in the beautiful area of Sliabh Beagh and takes in the stunning scenery of the Lough Antrawer. This walk also takes you across beautiful meadows and to some high up hills where you will be rewarded with far reaching views.

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