The Rain season 4

The Rain season 4 When does it premiere?

With season three of this fantastic series already released, surely you are wondering, is it known if there will be The Rain season 4? This is a question that many are asking themselves and it is completely understandable considering the grappling of this series. Read on and discover the details!

When does The Rain season 4 premiere?

Before talking about “The Rain season 4” first let’s talk a little about what to expect for the third season. To begin the third season of The Rain, it will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, August 6 at midnight. Among the characters that will be in the cast this season, we will have all the main members of the cast from the previous season. Specifically, here you have each of the characters that will appear;

Evin Ahmad as “Kira.”
Jessica Dinnage as “Lea.”
Clara Rosager as “Sarah.”
Lukas Lokken as “Patrick.”
Sonny Lindberg as »Jean».
Natalie Madueno as “Fie.”
Mikkel Folsgaard as “Martin.”
Angela Bundalovic as “Beatrice.”
Alba August as “Simone Andersen.”
Lucas Lynggard as “Rasmus Andersen.”

Regarding what it would be, when does The Rain season 4 come out? Unfortunately, there will not be a fourth season. In fact, some time ago, it was announced that the third season would be the last of the series, so we will be able to see the last of the characters in this season. Keep reading: Junjou romantica season 4 episode 1

How did season 2 end?

Season two of “The Rain” ended as Simone tried to heal Rasmus while Martin and Patrick escaped through the woods. Rasmus then regains consciousness and learns of Lea’s death and according to Fie Rasmus’s tests, he is cured of the virus. The atmosphere that is created is unfriendly and after an unfriendly conversation with Apollon’s leader, the organization orders the death of Patrick and Martin.

However, something happens and it is that the infiltrator Kira is in charge of killing them, but apart from being an infiltrator, she does not support Apollon, so she spares their lives. Jean, who is still dejected with pain, hides in the control room and asks for Rasmus to be brought to him. But in the middle of the discussion and with everyone gathered, Jean decides to sound the alarm and Apollon’s men arrive.

In the middle of all the flight, Sarah ends up being hit by a bullet and dies in Rasmus’s arms. But it manages to control the virus and destroys everything in its path. In short, the episode ends when Sarah opens her eyes suddenly. Apparently, by kissing her, Rasmus ended up giving her the virus.

The series I know is going to develop six years after the virus, carried by the rain, annihilates almost everyone who lives in Scandinavia. As it is a Netflix series, all the episodes will appear at the same time and each of them lasts 40 minutes. This is important since we will not be able to find it on another transmission platform other than Netflix.

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