Shiny Look on 2018 Toyota Prado

The Pros and Cons of Buying the Toyota Prado

The Land Cruiser name is still flying high and is 69 years old now. The Prado is one of Toyota’s best offerings and it goes without saying that the vehicle has performed exceptionally well in the Australian market.

The model is known as the mini Land Cruiser and receives just as much attention from local residents, if not more. The Prado isa few thousand dollars cheaper than the Land Cruiser and can still offer a major chunk of the amenities you receive in the original variant.

Just like every other vehicle you will find in the market, the Toyota Prado comes with its own unique set of exciting strengths and weaknesses. We look at these strengths and weaknesses here to help make the purchase process easier for you.

Shiny Look on 2018 Toyota Prado


Toyota’s Reliability

Perhaps the biggest positive going in favour of the Toyota Prado is that it comes with the dependable Toyota name tag. The vehicle can perform optimally well for the years to come and will offer excellent after sales support in the long run.

The Prado has undergone a number of improvements since it was launched and comes with Toyota parts that are both relatively affordable and easily available.

Outstanding Off-Road Experience

The Toyota Prado offers an outstanding off-road experience to users. The Prado comes with an amazing off-road experience. We can almost guarantee that you fall in love with the suspension and overall stability of the vehicle.

The full-time 4WD comes standard in all three trims of the 2021 Toyota Prado. The standard 4WD allows drivers to take the vehicle out to farms, muddy terrains and even mountains without worrying about their vehicle compromising on road grip or not faring well.

Excellent City Drive

Normally, with vehicles that perform well on off-road tracks, you would expect them to compromise a bit on what they offer to city drivers. However, the Toyota Prado is just as effective when it comes to driving within the city.

The model comes with an excellent urban drive experience that is pretty straightforward and durable. The firmness and stability of the vehicle is a class apart and will make you fall in love with its durability.

Simple Style

Rusticity meets aesthetics in the all-new Toyota Prado. While the Prado may not have the sheen and glamour of the other modern SUVs in the market today, it sure does rank well when it comes to simple, yet sophisticated styling.

The vehicle has been around for quite some time now and comes with a typical exterior detailing and sophisticated interior look. Both factors contribute with each other to give a graceful look to the vehicle and to help it stand out.

Luxurious Cabin

Premium is the word that best defines the interior space and look of the Land Cruiser Prado. Every seat in the vehicle takes you to an amazing experience of comfort and quality.

The relaxing atmosphere inside the Prado is what most passengers and drivers want to experience. The vehicle comes with multiple accessory power outlets, leather seats, dual auto climate control and a 6 speaker audio to give all occupants the perfect experience.

Good Safety

The all new Toyota Prado’s safety ranks among the best in the world. The vehicle comes with SRS airbags and a suite of brake control systems, including traction control, downhill assist, hill start assist and vehicle stability.


Gas Variant Guzzles Fuel

The gasoline engine for Toyota’s Prado isn’t specifically known to be economical. The variant guzzles fuel and you will soon realize that you are spending more on fuel even after shifting to unleaded gasoline. Most city dwellers prioritize eco-friendliness today and may not consider the Prado due to its high consumption.

Height Impacts Ride Quality

The SUV is 1890 mm tall in height, which will make you notice some swerving around curves and corners. This can be particularly unnerving for people who have driven sedans and crossovers for much of their life. If you want sportiness over anything else, you may likely regret your choice with this full-sized Land Cruiser Prado.

Cramped Third Row

Finally, we feel that the third row on the Toyota Prado is a bit cramped. While the car prioritizes relaxation, the third row could do with some significant improvements. Third-row occupants need to be limited to a certain age or size if they want to sit comfortably.

Besides the few glaring cons that we have mentioned in the latter part of this article, the Toyota Prado is definitely a SUV you can count on. The vehicle has an amazing look and feels great on the roads.


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