The Difference In Stable Rugs

Keeping your horse cosy and warm is a main priority, ensuring they are comfortable when they are tucked back up in their stable for the night. Whatever the weather, ensure they maintain a warm body temperature with the best stable rugs, choosing the best solution from the huge variety out there on the market. With various weights, deniers and features available, understand what your horse needs and pick out the best solution for their personal lifestyle.

Finding the right fit

Whatever style you pick out, it is equally as important to make sure you pick out the right size. A stable rug is designed to sit tightly against the body without restricting movement, allowing for full freedom so your horse can wear it comfortably for long periods of time and. An incorrect fit can lead to issues such as rubbing against the skin and excess sweating so be sure to take measurements of your horse and find the right fit for their body. Your hand should fit comfortably between your horse’s body and their rug, but it should not be loose enough to slide around and lose its position and this will mean it will need tightening for their safety. If you are unsure whether you have picked out the right stable rug when it arrives, place your hand underneath the rug and feel the temperature of your horse’s back. If their body is not as warm as it should be, it is worth adding an additional layer, but if not and they feel clammy, they are wearing a rug that is too thick.

Choosing the right stable rug

Quality stable rugs are designed to retain body heat as your horse is resting, keeping them clean and comfortable through all weather conditions, with options to suit different seasons. It can be easy to assume that your horse will be warm when they are in their stable but this isn’t the case as they are resting. While your horse is out and about during the day, they are busy grazing or walking about in comparison to being stationary when back in their stable, keeping their body naturally warmer.

Throughout the milder conditions, a lightweight stable rug offers a suitable solution with little to no filling to prevent overheating, putting your mind at ease that you are not overdressing them as the weather gets warmer. When warmth is not the primary issue, stable rugs are still recommended as they help keep the coat clean to minimise the need for grooming and to avoid rubbing. In the colder weather, it is common for a fleece rug to be worn underneath as an additional layer of warmth, meaning you don’t need to purchase various stable rugs. If preferred, heavier stable rugs can be used which contain additional filling. This will provide warmth along with the additional benefits and are suitable for horses who spend a lot of time in their stable, being a worthwhile investment which can be used for plenty more time to come.

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