Tasks that can be delegated to a fleet administrator

As a fleet manager, the ability to delegate will help the productivity and efficiency of your operations. The art of delegation is an important managerial skill but it’s often difficult to implement as managers find it hard to pass over control of projects or to even know what can be delegated. There are some tasks that can be delegated to a fleet administrator to improve efficiency:

  1. Servicing appointments

Keeping a fleet of vehicles in top condition is essential for efficiency and driver safety. Fleet administrators are experienced in logging vehicle maintenance data and arranging service appointments. These are relatively small tasks but depending on the size of the fleet, can build up to a considerable chunk of time and small but time-consuming tasks can be delegated.

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  1. Fuel card administration

Some aspects of managing your fuel cards can be actioned by an administrator. For example, if you recruit new drivers, then the administrator can order new fuel cards. As most fuel card companies offer instant online access to reports on usage and driver stats, an administrator can access this information at any time and produce reports in a desired format. Find out more about the benefits of BP Fuel Cards, at a site like Fuel Card Services, providers of BP Fuel Cards

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  1. Driving documents

Fleet management involves a lot of documentation to keep on top of, including licenses, insurance and MOT certificates. With any number of different vehicles and drivers to keep track of, this can be a time-consuming job and one that should be delegated to a fleet administrator.

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