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Student Summers

So, exams are over and the whole of the summer is stretched out before you. What can you do as a student? The holidays will go so quickly, so you’ll want to make the most of them. Money might be tight but resist the urge to stay in and binge watch box sets by getting out and about and staying active. Here are some helpful ideas:

  1. Music Festivals

If there’s any of that student loan leftover, grab some tickets for you and your mates to head off for the obligatory British summer activity of going to a music festival. If you can’t stretch to major event, try some of your local and cheaper summer events which can be just as fun. Volunteering is another way to access these events, have fun and spend a fraction of the amount to get there.

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  1. Exercise

Once you’ve rested, you might consider working off some of the excess caused by junk food and too much alcohol! Summer is the ideal time for starting an exercise routine, be it going to the gym, running or following an exercise DVD – your body and mind will thank you for it come the beginning of next term.

  1. Travel

Many students choose to travel when they have free time and it can be an incredibly exciting and life-affirming adventure. You don’t need to have pots of cash either, as there are loads of summer working programmes abroad or you can choose to backpack with buddies and stay in hostels. Either way, do lots of research, stay safe and have the journey of a lifetime!

  1. Get prepared

So, this might sound a little dull but while you’ve got tons of free time, it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead with your reading for next term. Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel at the start of term, knowing that you’re one step ahead of the game. Think about doing your future self a big favour! This is also a good time for looking at accommodation for returning to Uni or college. Knowing you’ve got a great place to stay and grabbing a good deal will give you lots of peace of mind. For excellent student accommodation Gloucester, start looking early.

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  1. Work Experience

If you’re thinking about your future, then you might wish to use your time wisely and gain some invaluable work experience. Whether paid or voluntary, adding to your CV is a smart move. It’s also a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash to top of your student loan when term starts again.

  1. Family Time

It can feel strange adjusting to life back in the family home when you’ve been living independently for some time. You might need to compromise on a few things for the sake of peace. However, enjoy this time as it could be the last time you get to spend time living with your family before heading out into the grown-up world after Uni. Suggest activities like film or game nights, go on day trips together, a simple picnic or evening meals together. You’ll be glad you did.

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