Starting Out as a Farmer: What Animals Should You Keep

Many people have a life goal of starting their own farm and it is easy to see why. It is also important to understand that farming is a tough job and more a way of life than anything else. It can be challenging to look after many of the animals, so it is helpful to know what the best animals to start with are for new farmers. Keep reading to find out more.


Chickens are perhaps best for new farmers because they are relatively easy to look after in both winter and summer and you will always benefit from the eggs. Chickens are low maintenance because they are small-bodied, are easy to transport and simply require feed, water and shelter during the colder months of the year.


Sheep are another good animal to start with as again they are low maintenance compared to many other farm animals and their wool will always be useful. Sheep have basic needs in terms of space, food and water. You do need to provide suitable sheep housing that will protect them from the elements as well as predators and you will need to shear them for the warmer months, but generally, they are easy to look after and enjoyable to spend time with.


Goats are ideal for a dairy source if you do not have a huge amount of space and they are also easy to look after. They will eat shrubbery, vegetables and wood and can be left out to pasture but you will need a sheltered place for when it rains. Goats can be susceptible to disease, so it is important that they are wormed and that you know signs of illness to look out for.


Keeping cattle might be intimidating due to their size, but you will find that these are gentle giants that are also low maintenance. The key with cattle is making sure that they have enough land for grazing and exercise and making sure that they have a sheltered space.


Some people will immediately say no to bees, which is understandable, but actually, they are fantastic animals to look after on your farm and it is relatively easy when you know how. Keeping bees for honey can be a profitable business, plus they are also pollinators which is useful if you grow your own fruit and veg.

If you are just getting started with farming, these are the animals that you should look to first. They are all animals that are low maintenance compared to other types of farm animals, which will make it much easier to get the hang of the farming lifestyle and allow you to enjoy looking after these animals.

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