Some of the Greatest Speeches from the Medieval Age to the Modern.

History shows that if the right person delivers the right speech it can set and change the world. Even if you were not present to hear it what is said can have a profound effect on the thinking of the world’s citizens for generations to come. Though you may not need such grandiose performers for your event a Conference Speaker can easily be found at Here are some of the greatest speeches from the Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century. We are all still being affected by the subjects in the speeches below. In some cases the thinking of the entire world is subject to them.

  1. The Farewell Sermon of Muhammad 632. In his last sermon during his final Haji Muhammad, aware of his coming final days, gives a speech to his followers to adhere to his teachings that are laid down in the Quran.

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  1. Martin Luther “Here I stand” 1521. This is the beginning of the reformation and the splitting of the Christian Church into Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations.  Luther is accused of Heresy. However this speech began to open the eyes and confirm the beliefs of others that it was time to read the scriptures anew.
  2. Queen Elizabeth I 1588 “To the Troops at Tilbury”. “Good” Queen Bess will be appearing twice on this list. Unlike her corpulent Father Elizabeth was an excellent orator and was able to inspire the Troops to defend her realm. In the end the Armada did not land so the heavily outnumbered English army was not put to the test. It is most known for the part where she says that even though she “may be a weak and feeble woman” she has the heart of a King.
  3.  Queen Elizabeth I 1601. “The Golden Speech”. One of those end of era speeches was delivered to Parliament before her death. It marks the end of the Tudor’s and the start of the terrible Stuarts. She thanks the parliament and the people for supporting her and hopes they will think of her fondly. 41 years later her cousin’s son creates a War that means no Monarch can come into the Commons and give a speech like this ever again.

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  1. Patrick Henry “Give me liberty, or give me death!” 1775. The world was about to be turned upside down as Britain’s largest land mass colony was prepared to cede from the Empire by force. His quote was a rallying cry to declare War on the Mother country and the course of the world was to be changed forever.


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